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The best transit and turnaround cruise ports in Northern Europe

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Everything you need to know about the cruise ports of Denmark

We have gathered all the essential information about the cruise ports of Denmark. Find the best turnaround and transit ports in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea right here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or are missing information. 

Denmark is a proud maritime nation that goes back to the Vikings. Today, Denmark operates the world’s 5th largest merchant fleet, which is reflected in our high-performing advanced port facilities, fresh water, and waste services across Denmark's ports.

Denmark also has a significant focus on sustainable shore excursions and high-quality service available for cruise guests and crew in all ports.

Due to the short distances in Denmark, your cruise guests can easily reach experiences that are perfect for them in a short time. From Modern Art exhibits, exclusive high-end shopping, and fantastic gastronomic dining at the many Michelin-star restaurants, to world-famous attractions such as The Little Mermaid. 


Let your guest walk into history by sailing on an actual Viking ship or visiting the castle of Hamlet. Become a child again in the magical garden of Tivoli or explore the playfulness of LEGOLAND and the LEGO House. Let them relax on the beautiful beaches and walk on the cliffs of Bornholm. 

All of this makes sure that Denmark is not only exciting to visit during the summer season but also has lots to offer during autumn and winter. We especially encourage you to consider planning itineraries off-season to Copenhagen. Read more about off-season cruising to Copenhagen here.

Due to the war in Ukraine and the lack of St. Petersburg on the itinerary, we know it can be a struggle to sell the Baltic region to your cruise guests. But do not worry! 

Our region has much to offer, and Denmark is a unique example of the modern fairy tale and the sustainable future we all fight for. To sum it up, we have gathered 10 reasons for your guests to go on a cruise with Copenhagen on the itinerary. Read it here.

Copenhagen is one of the largest, most advanced, and preferred turnaround ports in Northern Europe. Ideally, your guests would want more than a couple of days in Denmark’s beautiful capital, and if they have time for pre- and post-stays in the city, we have gathered some of our favorite places for them to explore here

We love to welcome your crew and take good care of them while they are here. Take a look at our crew guide 2023 to see, what we offer your crew while calling our ports in Denmark. 

Port of Copenhagen

Port of Copenhagen is located in the capital of Denmark, conveniently situated in the Baltic Sea.

Port of Copenhagen is one of the biggest ports in Northern Europe, with great flexibility and the ability to handle large cruise ships. In fact, even the world's largest cruise ships can dock in the Port of Copenhagen. The port and city of Copenhagen was awarded "Europe's Leading Cruise Port 2024" at the World Travel Awards due to the excellent cooperation between the city, stakeholders in the industry and the very dedicated crew at Copenhagen Malmö Port.

Cruise ships at Langelinie
Wonderful Copenhagen

Port of Copenhagen has three cruise quays. Langelinie Pier and Nordre Toldbod are both located right in the heart of the famous Danish capital. Ocean Quay with it's top modern facilities is located in the northern part of the city. Ocean Quay has the parfect facilities and space to handle multiple turnarounds at the same time. Langelinie and Ocean Quay will be ready with shore power in 2025, and have full capacity for shore power in 2028.

Port of Copenhagen is the preferred turnaround port in Northern Europe due to a short distance from the international airport to the cruise piers, easy and fast transfer, a wide variety of hotels, gastronomical dining experiences, and tourist attractions close by. Together with a vast network of local partners, Copenhagen is sure to provide a memorable experience for every visiting cruise ship, crew member, and guest.

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Port of Roenne (Bornholm)

Port of Roenne is located in the city of Rønne - the capital of the beautiful Danish island Bornholm. The island is a true jewel known as "The Pearl of the Baltic Sea”. There are many reasons for this, such as 158 km of beautiful coastline, 527 square km of amazingly varied nature with cliffs, skerries, woodland, and heather, idyllic towns, and charming fishing hamlets.

Bornholm is a perfect haven for shorter stays, and since everything is within a short distance from the port, Port of Roenne is an ideal cruise transit port.

Dueodde Beach
Rudy Hemmingsen

Port of Roenne is a transit cruise port and has four cruise quays. Cruise ships can dock at Krydstogtskajen Pier 31-32, Tværmolen - Pier 22/23, Kulkajen - Pier 13, and Multipier - Pier 34, all located just a little more than 1 km from the city centre. Port of Rønne can accommodate cruise ships of up to 350 meters in length and a water depth of 11 meters.

Bornholm is known for its long, beautiful sandy beacheslike Dueodde strand, round churches and Hammershus - Europe's oldest castle ruin. Other characteristics of the beautiful island are smoked herring, local produce, and the well-developed cycle path network, making it easy to explore the island.

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Port of Aarhus (Århus)

Port of Aarhus is located on the Jutland peninsula’s East Coast.

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and a vibrant city. Aarhus may be old at heart, but it is young in spirit.

Port of Aarhus is a transit cruise port and have two cruise quays. Cruise ships can dock at Cruise Berth 129/131 and Berth 503, both located right in the very heart of the city, just 400 meters from the main square.

Your rainbow panorama by Olafur Eliasson, 2006 - 2011, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
Robin Skjoldborg

The Port of Aarhus is flexible and are sufficient to handle the big cruise ships, even some of the largest cruise ship in the world, with a max length of 430 meters. A water depth of 12.5 meters is guaranteed.

Everything is within walking distance from the cruise pier: from world-class attractions and museums such as ARoS and the “old town” to a diverse gastronomic scene and charming shopping districts.

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Port of Skagen

The Port of Skagen is Denmark's Northernmost cruise port. It is conveniently located between the Norwegian fjords and the popular Baltic Sea destinations, making it a perfect place for transit calls.

The Port of Skagen is a transit cruise port and offers three cruise quays. Cruise ships can dock at Cruise Pier 10, Krydstogtkajen/Cruise Pier 9 and Secondary Cruise 41, all located 1.6 km. from the city centre. All cruise docks have reception facilities for cruise guests and crew members. The Port of Skagen provides a free shuttle bus for guests at each port of call.

The marina area in Skagen
Cruise Skagen

The Port of Skagen can accommodate cruise ships of up to 400 meters in length and a water depth of 12 meters.

Port of Skagen is located at the top of Denmark, where the two Seas meet: The Baltic and the North Sea. The sun shines 2.000 hours annually, making Skagen the sunniest place in Denmark.

The 600-year-old market town has inspired artists, poets, and musicians with its breathtaking light and nature. Cruise guests can enjoy charming alleys in the atmospheric old quarter, take a pick at one of the open-air fish restaurants or enjoy one of the many natural beaches.

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Port of Fredericia

Port of Fredericia is located in the heart of Denmark, right by the shimmering Little Belt, in the southern part of Jutland on the peninsula’s East Coast.

Port of Fredericia is a transit cruise port with one cruise quay, where cruise ships can dock. Kastelpier 1-3 is located 1 km from the city centre.

The Port of Fredericia can accommodate cruise ships with a max length of 430 meters and a water depth of 12 meters.

Fredericia ramparts
Cruise Fredericia

Due to the location of the cruise pier, cruise guests only have a 5-minutes stroll or a quick train ride to reach the charming and historic town centre with local shops, excellent restaurants, and Northern Europe’s best-preserved ramparts. 

In less than an hour’s drive and just 40 km from the seaport, cruise guests can explore UNESCO heritage sites, visit the city of Odense – the home of Hans Christian Andersen or go to the original LEGOLAND amusement park. LEGOLAND is located in Billund, close to Billund International Airport.

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Port of Helsingor (Elsinore)

Port of Helsingor (Elsinore) is located only 40 minutes north of Copenhagen, the actual ancient gateway to the Baltic Sea and the home of the Kronborg Castle. The castle is world-famously known as Hamlet’s and Shakespeare’s Castle and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of Northern Europe’s finest Renaissance castles.

As a commercial and transit cruise port, with deep water and good quay facilities, the Port of Helsingor can service cruise ships of up to 150 meters and a water depth of 6.5 meters is guaranteed. There are many possibilities, and the Port of Helsingor offers excellent port services.

Visit Nordsjælland

The Port of Helsingor is settled in the heart of Helsingor, right next to Kronborg Castle and its stronghold, which points towards the narrowest strait into the Baltic Sea. From the coast of Helsingor you can look right across the strait to Helsingborg Sweden. In historical times, Helsingor and Helsingborg controlled all access into the Baltic Sea. Your guests can encounter an ancient Danish legend in the cold, dark and moist catacombs under Kronborg Castle. According to the legend, the mighty knight Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) sleeps in the catacombs under the castle - ready to wake up when Denmark needs him.

Next to the Port of Helsingor, you will also find the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, an architectural jewel designed by the world-renowned Danish architect firm Bjarne Ingels Group (BIG)

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Port of Kalundborg

Port of Kalundborg is located on Zealand's west coast at the Great Belt. The town of Kalundborg offers a complete contrast to the hectic capitals of the Baltic Sea, as it is a charming small-town experience. The friendly and warm atmosphere of Kalundborg will captivate any cruise guest. 

Port of Kalundborg is a transit cruise port, but the port can also welcome turnarounds and is an alternative to the Port of Copenhagen. Port of Kalundborg has two cruise quays. Cruise ships can dock at Quay 5-6, located 1 km from the city centre and New West Port, a larger quay 5 km from the city centre.

West Zealand
Dragsholm Castle

The Port of Kalundborg can accommodate big cruise ships, even some of the largest in the world, with a maximum length of 500 meters and a water depth of 15 meters.

Only a 30-minute drive from Port of Kalundborg you will find Dragsholm Castle, one of the oldest castles in Denmark and the most haunted castle in Europe. The 800-year-old castle is home to over 100 ghosts, including a white lady, a grey lady, and a poltergeist. Still, it is also home to the Michelin-starred restaurant, Dragsholm Slot Gourmet, located in the old kitchen at Dragsholm Castle.

Viking ship from Roskilde
Martin Heiberg

Finally, Port of Kalundborg is just an hour's drive from the city of Roskilde, where you will find Roskilde Cathedral. The cathedral is the most important church in Denmark as it is the official royal burial church of the Danish monarchs and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Roskilde, your cruise guests also have the opportunity to border an original and working Viking ship at the Viking Ship Museum settled in Roskilde harbour. The museum is Denmark's national ship museum for vessels of the prehistoric and medieval periods. A short ride from Kalundborg you can also find the newly appointed UNESCO heritage site of Trelleborg, an old Viking fortress.

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Port of Nyborg

Port of Nyborg is positioned on the Eastern coastline of the central Danish island, Funen. The port offers an easy-to-reach destination for cruises in and out of the wonderful Baltic Sea.

Port of Nyborg is a transit cruise port with one cruise quay, where cruise ships can dock, located 2 km from the city centre.

Nyborg Castle
Nicolai Godvin

The Port of Nyborg can accommodate cruise ships with a maximum length of 290 meters a water depth of 11 meters.

The central location of Nyborg, right in the middle of Denmark, gives access to scenic nature and world-class attractions.

For cruise guests arriving in Nyborg, there is much to experience. Apart from its stunning beauty, the town hosts some of Denmark’s earliest national monuments. 

H.C. Andersen
Daniel Rasmussen

Within less than an hour's drive, cruise guests can also explore the city of Odense, the capital of Funen, Denmark's 7th largest city and the hometown of Denmark’s world-renowned author Hans Christian Andersen.

Nyborg Castle and city is one of the most important cultural heritage monuments from the Middle Ages in Denmark. Nyborg Castle and town were the King of Denmark's favourite residence from the beginning of the 13th century until 1560.

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Port of Hundested

Port of Hundested is in the Northern part of Zealand, in the small fishing village of Hundested. The Port of Hundested offers easy access to the Baltic Sea.

Port of Hundested is a transit cruise port and have three cruise quays. Cruise ships can dock at cruise quay no. 1 and no. 2, both located right in the very heart of the city, just 300 meters from the city centre.

Hundested ports can accommodate cruise ships of up to 320 meters in length and a water depth of 8.2 meters.

Daniel Rasmussen

Cruise guests are invited to take a city tour on the free city bus. Local transcendent craft shops and quality restaurants can be explored in the charming port area next to the cruise pier.

Only 7.5 km from the seaport, you will find one of the oldest eco-villages in Denmark. Since the early nineties, the place has transformed from a potato field to a vibrant community where people live and work, focusing on social interaction, sustainability, ecology, respect and tolerance.

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Port of Sønderborg

Port of Sønderborg is located in the Southern part of Denmark. The old part of Sønderborg is on the island of Als, but some of its new suburbs have spread onto the mainland of Jutland on the peninsula’s Southeast coast right above the Danish border to Germany.

Port of Sønderborg is a transit cruise port and has one cruise quay, where cruise ships can dock, and it is located right in the very heart of the city, just 200 meters from the main square.

Daniel Villadsen

The Port of Sønderborg can accommodate cruise ships up to 100 meters, and larger cruise ships are invited to use tender boats. 

This part of Denmark was under German rule until the Reunification in 1920, making the region strongly influenced by Germany.

Cruise guests have the opportunity to dive into the fascinating border country history at Sønderborg Castle and the historical war field at the History Centre Dybbøl Banke.

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