Øster Lars

Port of Rønne

Photo:Rønne&Rønne Havn

Rønne is the capital of the beautiful Danish island, Bornholm. The island is known as "The Pearl" of the Baltic Sea, and there are many reasons why: 158 km of coastline, 527 square km of amazingly varied nature; cliffs and skerries, woodland, heather, idyllic towns, and charming fishing hamlets make it a perfect haven for shorter stays. 

Bornholm is also known for its long, beautiful sandy beaches, white round churches, and Europe's oldest castle ruin. Other characteristics of the beautiful island are smoked herring, local produce, and the well-developed cycle path network, making it easy to explore the island. 

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Torsten Engsig

Destination Bornholm

Torsten Engsig
Business developer
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Yana Grundke

Port of Rønne 

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