CruiseCopenhagen 30th anniversary

CruiseCopenhagen celebrates their 30th anniversary with prospects of a great and sustainable cruise year

Photo: CruiseCopenhagen

Yesterday at their General Assembly, CruiseCopenhagen celebrated 30 years of developing and promoting the cruise industry
in Denmark. The cruise network looks forward to a cruise year with 592 expected calls in Denmark and several sustainability initiatives.

On May 24th, 2022, the CruiseCopenhagen partners gathered at CruiseCopenhagen’s General Assembly to celebrate 30 years of cruising. Although, the cruise industry has suffered under restrictions and lockdowns during the pandemic, CruiseCopenhagen has spent the time improving and making changes to become more sustainable, avoid overcrowding in cities and to increase the number of cruise guests in Danish ports.

30 years is a milestone worth celebrating. I’m proud of all that we have achieved during this time. We have accomplished making Denmark a recognised cruise destination, positioning Copenhagen as a leading cruise port in the Baltic Sea region and develop the remaining cruise ports in Denmark, says Claus Bødker, Director of CruiseCopenhagen.

In 2022, CruiseCopenhagen expects 326 calls in Copenhagen and 592 cruise calls in Denmark. As a result of the cruise network’s sustainability work and promotion of the shoulder season, CruiseCopenhagen has a cruise season ahead with calls every month during the winter and autumn for the first time.

Time and again, we have proved that we are a strong business and that we are a business that takes responsibility for sustainable development and a sustainable future, says Claus Bødker, Director of CruiseCopenhagen.

CruiseCopenhagen is involved in initiatives regarding increasing tourism in Copenhagen, promotion of the shoulder and off season, implementation of onshore power supply and attraction of expedition cruises. Read about some of the initiatives here:


  • CruiseCopenhagen strives to turn Copenhagen into a year-round cruise destination by promoting activities in the shoulder and winter seasons.
  • CruiseCopenhagen works to avoid congestion and overcrowding by promoting activities
    outside the city centre of Copenhagen. As a part of this initiative, the cruise network has
    produced videos to promote these activities to turnaround and transit guests.
  • CruiseCopenhagen promotes Copenhagen and the other Danish ports to expedition
    cruises due to the vessels’ smaller size and their interest in calls during the winter months.
  • CruiseCopenhagen supports the use of onshore power supply to reduce air pollution from
    cruise calls. Onshore power supply will be available in Aarhus in 2023 and in Copenhagen
    in 2024.
  • CruiseCopenhagen makes an effort to inspire cruise guests to conduct sustainable
    behaviour and promotes sustainable tour offers.
  • CruiseCopenhagen is in dialogue with the residents of Copenhagen with the purpose of
    involving them in the future work and development of the cruise industry in the city.

Photo caption: On May 24th, 2022, CruiseCopenhagen celebrated their 30th anniversary. Photo
credit: CruiseCopenhagen.

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