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Positioned on the eastern coastline of the central Danish island of Funen, the port offers an easy-to-reach destination for cruises in and out of the exciting Baltic. The central location of Nyborg, right in the middle of Denmark, gives access to scenic nature and world-class attractions.

For cruise guests arriving in Nyborg, there is much to experience. Apart from its stunning beauty, the town hosts some of Denmark’s earliest national monuments, provides easy and quick access to the Funen capital Odense, the birthplace of Denmark’s most famous author Hans Christian Andersen, and much more. 

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Here you will find inspiration to attractions to include in shore excursion offers in Nyborg, but be aware that this is just a small selection of the many exciting tour offers. We recommend getting in touch with Cruise Nyborg or your local incoming agentto find out how the destination can cater to your guests' needs and interests. 

Visit Denmark's largest distillery

Nyborg has one of Denmark's largest micro-distillery, and many of the products have been recognised in international spirit competitions.

Take a trip back to the first capital of Denmark

Visit the restored medieval Nyborg Castle on the Danish island of Funen, which dates back to the 12th century.


You can go to Sydney. Or Middelfart by the Little Belt. In both cities, you can take a walk on a bridge and enjoy the maginificent view.

Visit Odense - the capital of fairy tales

The city of Odense is one of the oldest cities in Denmark, and the hometown of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

This is what awaits your cruise guests in Nyborg

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