• Small waste and food waste for incineration
  •  Large waste for pre-sorting
  • CMP recycling facility at Oceankaj
  • CMP Waste receipts       

Hazardous waste

  • Electronics - Collected in cardboard boxes or bailed on pallets
  • Batteries, Accumulator - Collected in plastic sacks inside leak-proof plastic dumps
  • Light bulbs, Fluorescent lamps - Collected in drums and cardboard boxes, sorted by type
  • and stored in containers that prevent breakage
  • Paint, Thinners, Chemicals - Collected in leak-proof drums with the correct label on each   
  • Medicals, Bio Hazardous waste - Collected with UN number and dangerous goods label
  •  Oily sludge in drums, Oily rags, Oil filters - Collected in leak-proof plastic bags or sealed dumps        

Incinerator ash, Scrubber (solid), Blackwater residues (solid), Greywater residues (solid), Fire extinguisher, and Emergency pyrotechnics/ MOB smoke floats

Copenhagen quay facts

Cruise ship at Langelinie


Max LOA 700 meters
Max depth South part 9.1 m. North part 10.0 m
Bollard strength 50 tons
Distance to the city center 4 kilometers
Distance to the airport 10 kilometers

Cruise Copenhagen

Ocean quay:

Max LOA 1100 meters
Max depth 10.5 meters
Bollard strength 125 ts / storm 200 ts
Distance to the city center 8 kilometers
Distance to the airport 14 kilometers

Nordre Toldbod, movie location for "Another Round"

Ndr. Toldbod:

Max LOA 240 meters
Max depth 7.4 meters
Bollard strength 40 tons
Distance to the city center 3 kilometers
Distance to the airport 10 kilometers
Restrictions Max LOA 210 meters

Why Copenhagen is the ideal turnaround port

We know what makes Copenhagen so attractive for cruise turnaround operations, and we want you to know it too! Watch the video or read below to find out more. 

In 12 out of 14 years, Copenhagen Airport has won the award of the most efficient airport in Europe. It is the gateway to Northern Europe and the rest of the world. There are 166 different routes into domestic Denmark, Europe, and across continents. Into North America, there are 16 different routes opportunities. All these routes have daily frequencies, which makes Copenhagen a perfect pre-or post-cruise stay opportunity. Copenhagen Luggage Service offers luggage handling for tourist travel, and they handle the luggage from the minute your guests arrive in Copenhagen. They bring the baggage all around the city, whether the luggage is in the cabin, the airport, or the hotel. You can see all about the luggage service here


Nimb Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

The large selection and variety of hotels In Copenhagen will fit anyone's needs. From romantic, luxury (as the hotel Nimb located at the extraordinary old Tivoli Garden) to family-oriented stays close to the seaport and the airport. Copenhagen is the perfect city for your cruise guests, no matter their personal needs. 



The gastronomical scene in Copenhagen matches any cruise guest's needs. 

Restaurants in Copenhagen caters to all kind of budgets, tastes, and situations. On the menu, your cruise guest will have the opportunity to experience delicious food from the classic Danish cuisine like smørrebrød to the New Nordic. It is an approach started by the world-famous restaurant Noma, focusing on exquisite meals made from local ingredients in the season. Copenhagen is the Scandinavian gourmet and sustainable capital with 23 stars distributed between 14 restaurants in the Michelin guide. With more than 7 sustainable stars, Copenhagen is the city in Europe with the most green Michelin stars.


If you have kids, there are many family-oriented restaurants right in the middle of Copenhagen, which puts Copenhagen in the child-friendly category.

The public transport infrastructure in Copenhagen is fast and easy to access. There is a metro, city s-trains, regional trains into domestic Denmark, and the city bike, which is an ideal and easy way to get around Copenhagen due to the short distances.

Copenhagen in winter

Copenhagen has lots to offer during autumn and winter. From special events, enchanting lights illuminating the city to colourful leaves on the trees. We ensure you that you'll truly understand the concept of "hygge" after having visited off-season.

Are you curious to know why you should plan itineraries off-season? We'll tell you all the secrets here.

Explore the best of Copenhagen city

Here you will find inspiration for attractions, hotels, events, and shore excursions in Copenhagen.

You will find The Little Mermaid right next to the cruise ports, and from there, you can take the bicycle around to the Operahouse, Amalienborg Palace – the queen's home, Marble Church, and Tivoli. In Copenhagen, your guests can explore many attractions and dining places.

The practical stuff

Let us help you with your Copenhagen planning, but why not start by downloading a free online city map? When your guests arrive in Copenhagen, they will be greeted by the friendly staff from Copenhagen Visitor Service with free city maps and helpful tips for their stay. 



Get to know Denmark's other cruise ports

Go beyond Copenhagen and explore all the other beautiful Danish cruise destinations. 

Contact us

Get in touch with us. We are happy to assist you in your planning and provide you with the information you need about the Danish cruise destinations. 

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