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Why choose a cruise with Copenhagen on the itinerary

Photo: Maria Sattrup

Lonely Planet has chosen Copenhagen as the #1 city in the world to visit in 2019. It's easy for us to understand why, but we might be a biased. 
Here are 10 reasons why your clients should book a cruise with Copenhagen on the itinerary. 

About 50 % of all the calls in Copenhagen start and end the cruise in the city. To get a complete list of all the cruises leaving out of Copenhagen, click here


1. A perfect starting point for a Baltic cruise

Copenhagen is an ideal starting point for a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, to Scandinavia and Russia, visiting ports in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Estonia and Russia. Find a complete list of all the cruise ships going to Copenhagen   here .

2. One of the leading gastronomic destinations

Seasonal ingredients. Organic. Innovative. These are just some of the words describing the world-famous Danish and New Nordic cuisine today.

3. It's a modern fairytale

Copenhagen is a fairytale come true and home to the oldest monarchy in the world.  The royal family is viewed by many Danes as moral protector...

4. It offers exceptional shopping opportunities

If your clients fancy shopping, Copenhagen is the place to be. Read more about shopping in Copenhagen here .

5. It's walkable, bikeable and easy to conquer by public transportation

In Copenhagen, you will find everything within a short distance no matter whether you choose to walk, to bike or use public transportation.

6. It's the home of happiness and hygge

The Danes have for several years been voted some of the happiest people in the world and the core reason for this lies in the Danish phenomenon "hygge". Find out what hygge means here .

7. Its waters are clean and ready for a swim!

Copenhagen is a sustainable city with waters so clean that you can actually swim in the city's harbor baths.

8. It's a green and liveable city

Imagine a city where bikes outnumber cars, with free healtcare and education, and where there is a strong life balance between work and play.

9. It's a place for diversity

Denmark is a frontrunner for fighting LGTB+ issues and became the first country to recognise partnerships for same-sex couples in 1989.

10. It's minimalistic, simple and functional

From Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair to the Royal Opera House, Denmark is world-famous for its simple and functional design and architectural wonders.