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MDk- Rapport

Denmark shares insights from six years of legacy development

In a new report, MeetDenmark, the Danish Business Events Association, publishes learnings and insights after researching and testing legacy in Denmark for six years.

 GDS ICCACongress 2022
Peter Dyhr Andreassen

Danish meeting destinations launch pioneering plan for sustainable transition

Six Danish meeting cities made it to the top-30 in the Global Destination Sustainability Index 2022. Denmark’s leading position is backed by the first national plan on how Denmark will accelerate the sustainable transition in the meetings industry and beyond in the years to come.

Visit Aarhus
Visit Aarhus

New Chairman of the Board of MeetDenmark

Pia Lange Christensen, CEO of VisitAarhus, has been appointed as the new chairman of MeetDenmark's board.

Destination Fyn

Destination Fyn becomes member of MeetDenmark

MeetDenmark, admits per. January 1, 2021 Destination Funen as a new member. At the same time, Inspiring Denmark resigns and the task of attracting international congresses to Funen is taken over by Destination Fyn.

Daniel Rasmussen

Sustainable tourism investment across Denmark: Three tourism organizations will be awarded the Green Tourism Organization Certificate

The Green Tourism Organization certification backs destinations and organizations that do something special for sustainable tourism. The certification is the 'sister' to Green Key, which i.a. HORESTA has developed, which can now be found in 65 countries and at more than 3,200 tourist companies.

Legacy Lab
Wonderful Copenhagen

Recipe for legacy: Denmark launches new tools for creating meeting legacies

How can associations and destinations achieve greater meeting legacies and what are the actual steps involved? To answer these questions, MeetDenmark has launched a new report with tools aimed at helping destinations in the step-by-step planning of the legacy process.

Meeting on infinity bridge in Århus
Kim Wyon

Different perceptions of goals stand in the way of greater meeting legacies

A landmark study by MeetDenmark suggests that association and destination perspectives on out-reach and legacy have key differences. Awareness about each other’s goals can be fundamental in finding synergies and creating greater meeting impacts and legacies together.

Business Walk and Talk
Martin Heiberg

Denmark Seeking to Drive Stronger “Outreach” Benefits for International Meetings

Denmark’s four leading meetings destinations have banded together to launch a new program designed to make international conventions more impactful for both associations and destinations. 

Meeting in Aarhus
Kim Wyon

Landmark MeetDenmark Study Finds a Disordered World of Meeting Legacies

MeetDenmark has released portions of a new study showing that while most associations and destinations are focused on improving meeting legacies, they have differing views of just what legacy is and how to go about achieving it.

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