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MeetDenmark is the national development organisation for business tourism in Denmark. The organisation was established on the basis of the Danish Tourism Law. Members are The Ministry of Business, Industry and Financial Affairs and the four largest business tourism destinations in Denmark


Board of Directors
MeetDenmark's Board of Directors are:

MeetDenmark's purpose is to develop and promote Danish business tourism, including strengthening private and public efforts to attract more international conventions and meetings to Denmark, with the aim of creating growth and development in the tourism industry and Danish business in general.

Finance, performance contracts and bylaws
MeetDenmark has DKK 4.5 million annually on the Danish Finance Act. In addition, there is an annual subscription from members totaling DKK 3.6 million. Furthermore, national funds are ‘geared’ locally at the destinations.

MeetDenmark has an annual ‘Goal and Performance Contract’ with the Ministry of Business, Industry and Financial Affairs.

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