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What is MeetDenmark

MeetDenmark is the Danish development association for business tourism. The Purpose is to develop and promote business tourism and the meeting industry in Denmark.

About Meetdenmark

Here you can find all the basic information, read the strategy, check out all the members and find the contact information needed to getting in touch with the secretariat.

MeetDenmark's Strategy

The potential of business tourism is significantly greater than the direct turnover. Our vision is for business tourism to be used as a lever for the development of society in general. And our vision is to be internationally recognised as one of the most innovative destinations.

Contact the secretariat

Get in touch with the MeetDenmark secretariat to learn more about the association and its task to promote the meetings  industry in Denmark

The members of MeetDenmark

The members of MeetDenmark are the Ministry of Business Industry and Financial Affairs and the tourism organizations VisitAalborg, VisitAarhus, Inspiring Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen. The Ministry is represented by VisitDenmark in both the association's board and working group.

Take your Meeting Legacies to a Whole New Level

Learn about the MeetDenmark Outreach Study and how Denmark is working to take your meeting legacies to a whole new level

The MeetDenmark Legacy Studies

Since 2018 MeetDenmark has conducted two mayor projects on outreach and legacy. The purpose has been to identify how Danish destinations can create significant added value for visiting congresses while also increasing the value for Danish society beyond the traditional economic benefits.

The MeetDenmark Legacy Project (2019-2021)

MeetDenmark wants to further strengthen the positive impacts of congresses for both the international associations and the local host communities by creating a broader and deeper interaction between the visiting congress delegates and local stakeholders.

How Denmark is Working to Take your Meeting Legacies to a Whole New Level

The Danish destinations and MeetDenmark are available for dialogue and advice regarding opportunities for - and benefits of - outreach in Denmark.

News, Facts & Guidelines

Press room for MeetDenmark

Stay updated on the latest news and press releases from MeetDenmark.

The economic effect of the meetings industry in Denmark

Final report in Danish

Guidelines for VAT in Denmark

Goods and services are subject to VAT in Denmark. However, if your Danish congress or meeting is VAT liable, you are – with very few exceptions – entitled to deduct VAT on all your costs.

Upcoming congresses

See the complete list of the upcoming congresses for the next few years to come from all members of MeetDenmark.