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A new agenda: The future of regenerative business events

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How can the business event industry work more regeneratively, what role do the customers and guests play, and how do we realise the full regenerative potential? These are just some of the questions a new report from MeetDenmark focuses on. 

More and more experts are now advocating for the need to go beyond sustainability. They argue that business activities should not only be sustainable but also have a positive and restorative impact on the community. This shift, known as the regenerative approach, requires a fundamental change in how things are done.

Drawing from nature's principles and indigenous cultures, the regenerative paradigm has already found application in various industries like agriculture, architecture, and design. However, it's relatively new in tourism and often seen as a blurry and abstract concept. With a new report, MeetDenmark aims to bridge this gap by translating regenerative principles into actionable strategies for the business event industry. 

Unlocking the regenerative potential

Together with DareDisrupt, MeetDenmark has examined how regenerative practices are already being implemented within the Danish business event industry, as well as what is needed for the industry to take the next step forward. The report is based on input from leading experts in the field and on a series of in-depth interviews with both Danish business event companies and Danish Convention Bureaus.

MeetDenmark hopes that the report can be a catalyst for a broader industry discussion on the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to a regenerative paradigm and inspire for action. 

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Download the report here

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Thanks to the Danish Board of Business Development for funding the project and report. 

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