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Why is it important

Travel & tourism-related activity accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions, and this figure is set to rise. Transportation, especially air travel, is by far the biggest environmental issue for events, taking up on average 70-80% of the total event footprint. Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • How much can you reduce the number of flights taken by staff and in particular participants and audience?
  • What are ways of getting people around the city using zero-emission transport, e.g. e-busses, bicycling, walking or other?
  • Do you, and your participants or audience offset emissions by supporting certified offset schemes?

How high are your ambitions?

Working with Copenhagen on transport and getting around

Copenhagen is known as one of the best cities in Europe for clean transport, not least due to Copenhagen’s famous bicycle culture and infrastructure. In addition, an efficient public transport system and short walking distances between hotels make it easy for your event participants to get around Copenhagen in a fun, efficient and sustainable way.

Among sustainable options available for event transport needs are:

  • Easy access bike-sharing schemes across Copenhagen, including e-bikes. Encourage your participants to join the locals by renting a bicycle when exploring the city where bikes have outnumbered cars. We have gathered a list of Copenhagen Bike Rentals.
  • A modern, efficient metro with a 10 min journey directly to the city centre from Copenhagen Airport, which is part of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program.
  • A public transport bus system that is already being converted to and by 2025 will be running fully on zero-emission vehicles. Your participants can enjoy unlimited travels by bus, trains and metro using a City Pass. For larger international conventions in Copenhagen over 1,000 participants, organisers or associations of large conventions can offer their delegates easy and inexpensive public transportation with a Travel Pass (conditions apply).
  • Taxi companies with an increasing fleet of electric vehicles (EV) or fully dedicated to running exclusively with EVs
  • International car-sharing schemes for by-the-minute EV renting.

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