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Copenhagen Legacy Lab

A strategic approach to creating positive long-term impact from congresses and events.

For a long time, the value of the meetings and events industry was solely based on what delegates and organisers would spend during a congress or an event. Today, however, the focus has shifted towards broader value-creation with a long-term perspective.

To support this new reality, Copenhagen Convention Bureau has launched Copenhagen Legacy Lab an award-winning, innovative, and free-of-charge initiative to address national agendas and help associations and local capacities in working with broader value creation. Copenhagen Legacy Lab’s approach is based on a strategic and systematic process that takes the UN Sustainable Development Goals and six main drivers of economic growth and societal transformation into consideration.

Read more about Copenhagen Legacy Lab in our Folder 2.0


Build your legacy with us

Copenhagen ranks as one of the world’s leading destinations for international congresses. Annually the city welcomes more than 100,000 scientists and business professionals; the many visitors are great business for the city’s service and hospitality industry. The same applies for international events which also attract many tourists from around the world. However, the value that comes from hosting large international congresses and events should go far beyond the immediate economic gain.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab presents an opportunity for international associations to realise their aims, visions, and strategic objectives. In close collaboration with you, we connect people, design, and monitor activities with the potential of leaving a legacy behind. Ideally, this could lead to new business and funding opportunities.

Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing more about how we might help ensure your congress or event has a meaningful and long-term resonance.


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Gerda Marie Rist GMR

Head of Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Jakob Kjeldgaard Jensen JKJ
Major Events

Manager – Copenhagen Legacy Lab


Read more about our work with congresses and events which Copenhagen Legacy Lab supports, by ensuring a broader value creation, supporting some of our strongholds here among Life Science, Green Transition, and Information & Communications Technology.