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Photo: Mellanie Gandø

As the home of the New Nordic Cuisine movement, Copenhagen has a large green stake in sustainable, ethical and local dining.

Our options for dining and catering during your event or conference reflect that approach, making it easy for you to locate restaurants that fit with your sustainability profile, and develop menus that suit the various needs of your guests, whether they are vegan, vegetarian or anything else.

The city is home to restaurants, chefs and organisations dedicated to social justice, as well as helping people on the edge of the labour market, supporting micro enterprises and finding new ways to create food from waste. It’s also the home of food waste app Too Good To Go, which can help make sure as little food as possible is wasted after an event.

Contact us to find out more about green dining in Copenhagen, and to discover the potential for your event to meet sustainability targets while catering for your guests in the most delicious way possible.

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