Toolbox for a Sustainable Strategy

Photo: Pierre Mangez

Get the materials for planning a sustainable event! 

For event organisers, sustainably may be seen as a way to organize an event. Sustainability can however also be adopted a strategic vision for the organization itself. Our guide to sustainable events can assist you in making your future events more sustainable. In this section we have listed some tools that may inspire you to adopt a truly sustainable strategy – not only for your coming event, but for all your future activities.

Ambition Scorecard

This tool allows you to easily create and present a sustainability scorecard for your organisation. The scorecard shows your ambitions within the following sustainability areas: Reducing Carbon Emissions, Reducing Waste & ressources, Healthy & Sustainable food, Social Responsibility and Participant & Partner engagement

Step-by-step guide: Sustainability discussions in your management team (Workshop)

Getting your management team to discuss sustainability and decide on a set of clear ambitions for the organisation is essential for a future strategy. This tool is a step-by-step guide suggesting how a workshop involving your management team could be executed.