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Create a lasting impact!

Why is it important

In this guide we have so far addressed the footprint of the event itself and the participant’s footprint due to travel, stay and consumption outside the event space itself. To truly make the event a driver of sustainable development, events must however take a step further by actively engaging with and inspiring participants and vendors to drive lasting sustainable development locally and globally. Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • How can we ensure that our organisation embeds sustainability as the default approach to future events?
  • How do we ensure that all staff has enough knowledge about sustainability to make qualified choices?
  • How can we inspire others to systematically adopt sustainability when planning their events?
  • How can we inspire our participants, exhibitors and sponsors to embrace sustainable behavior and practices?

How high are your ambitions?

To support your efforts in working with lasting impact we have put together at list of key actions to take. Consider these a starting point. A guide, and not a final checklist. It is meant to get you going in building your own list of actions and in exploring if and how this will help you achieve your established sustainability ambition for your event. 

Working with lasting impact in Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen CVB works with a wide range of stakeholders including the meetings industry, the city of Copenhagen, scientific organisations, alliances, academia and companies and will be happy to facilitate relevant contacts.
  • Copenhagen Convention Bureau has launched the Copenhagen Legacy Lab initiative. Copenhagen Legacy Lab presents an opportunity for international association congresses to realise their organisational purpose, vision and objectives through specific activities in connection with their events. However, whether you need to define your own legacy goals or just be inspired feel free to contact Copenhagen Convention Bureau for more information or visit the Copenhagen Legacy Lab website.
  • Be inspired on how to make outreach activities part of the event in your efforts to leave positive lasting impact. This can for instance be done by encouraging participants to engage with local communities and culture where relevant as well as inviting locals to take part in activities in and around the event. Read more about how Copenhageners and visitors can benefit from meeting each other, also described as the concept of Localhood in Wonderful Copenhagen’s Sustainability strategy.

Next steps

You are now through the guide and hopefully feel inspired to take direct sustainability actions when planning your next and future events.

For a full overview of the suggested actions in this guide you can download the summary pdf below. You can also browse through our “Sustainable Copenhagen” for more inspiration on why Copenhagen is an ideal location for your nest sustainable event. We also invite you to visit our toolbox for building a sustainable ambition.

We wish you the best of luck and would love to get your feedback on the guide below. What works and what does not? How can we improve it?

Good luck!


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Guide overview PDF

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