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10 suggestions to make an event more sustainable

Photo: Boyan Ortse

If you are too busy to set ambitions and to read detailed guides and insights, then just keep these 10 simple rules for a sustainable event in mind.

No goodie bags: goodie bags are so last century. Are you sure this is the way your sponsors want exposure - because really, who has ever fallen in love with a goodie bag?

  1. Travel Options: Encourage to travel by train or public transportation or fly directly with as few layovers as possible and choose energy efficient airlines.
  2. Plant-based & no food-waste: Food, especially red meat, is another big carbon emitter. Prioritise vegetarian or plant-based dishes and reduce food-waste by serving food in smaller portions - no buffet. Donate surplus food.
  3. Keep it simple: Guide your participants to the most sustainable accommodation. Copenhagen has a wide range of eco-certified hotel and other affordable and sustainable accommodation.
  4. Bring your own water bottle: reduce single-use plastic throughout your entire event. Only use ceramic plates and real glass cups to serve food and beverages. Start by asking participants to bring their own water bottles.
  5. Use bicycles: why would anyone want to sit in a car when they could bike instead? It is both healthy and great for the environment. If the weather isn’t fit for biking, encourage participants to take the metro or other public transport options.
  6. Repurpose all conference materials: in this world there is no shortage of rollups and sponsor printouts. If it cannot be reused multiple times, consider if it needs to be produced to begin with. If so, be sustainability minded when choosing materials and producers.
  7. Be inclusive: make room for different voices, ages, genders and perspectives. Design your event so it promotes inclusion and cultural diversity.
  8. Plant a seed, build a community: respect and inspire your employees, partners and host community. Make sure your partners and vendors do the same. What you give, you will get back three-fold.
  9. Turn your participants into agents of change: activate and engage your participants by communicating your ambitions right from the start, by giving them advice on sustainable transport, accommodation and dining choices, and inspiring them to share their experiences back home.
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