Projects and networks

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful Copenhagen brings together a wide range of stakeholders across the tourism industry through a number of networks and development projects.  The organisation collaborates with more than 400 public and private partners to further tourism in Greater Copenhagen.

Wonderful Copenhagen is home to the Meetingplace network, CruiseCopenhagen and Cruise Baltic as well as two of Denmark’s three national tourism development organisations, MeetDenmark and Dansk Storbyturisme.  

In addition, several development projects, the experience card, Copenhagen Card; and the airline route development programme, Greater Copenhagen Connected are all based at and managed by Wonderful Copenhagen.

Development projects


The Chinavia project was initiated in 2012 and works toward making Scandinavia more appealing and welcoming to Chinese travelers to ensure that Scandi...

Copenhagen Legacy Lab

A strategic approach to creating long-term positive impact from congresses

Tourism Moves

The project Tourism Moves aims to leverage tourism as a positive force to support the citizens’ wishes towards urban development and render the differ...

City and Countryside

To increase tourism flow from Copenhagen to the rest of Zealand and utilise the areas' potential, Wonderful Copenhagen and a broad circle of partners ...


Meetingplace Wonderful Copenhagen

Meetingplace Wonderful Copenhagen was established in 1995 and is Copenhagen's destination network within the congress and meetings industry in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Cruise Baltic

Cruise Baltic is a network of most major ports in the Baltic region, which promotes the Baltic region as one destination through branding, marketing and product development.


As the leading cruise destination in Northern Europe, Copenhagen is home to CruiseCopenhagen, which is a strategic network that brings together all the cruise destinations in Denmark.

Tourism development organisations

Wonderful Copenhagen is home to Dansk Storbyturisme og MeetDenmark, which are two of three national tourism development organisations. Together with Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme, they are part of the national development plan for tourism adopted by the Danish Parliament in 2014.

MeetDenmark Frontpage

MeetDenmark is the national development association for business and meeting tourism in Denmark.

Dansk Storbyturisme

The aim of Dansk Storbyturisme is to bring innovation to the Danish tourism industry, focusing on how to strengthen the role of Danish cities in the global competition for city tourists.

Recently completed projects

Tourism+Culture Lab

Tourism+Culture Lab is a development project at Wonderful Copenhagen aiming to strengthen Greater Copenhagen as an attractive culture destination and attract international travellers who have culture as their motivation of travel.


With the innovation project TourismX, Wonderful Copenhagen aim to develop new products and solutions to challenges and create innovation within the tourism industry.