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Tourism Moves

Photo: Astrid Rasmussen

The project Tourism Moves aims to leverage tourism as a positive force to support the citizens’ wishes towards urban development and render the different parts of the city more attractive for locals and visitors alike.

How can tourism become a lever for urban development to the benefit of both locals and travellers?

This question is the fulcrum of Wonderful Copenhagen’s development project Tourism Moves. Tourism Moves’ goal is to ensure sustainable destination development, by rendering new urban spaces attractive for locals and travellers alike and thereby promoting a broader distribution of experiences across different parts of the city.

Tourism Moves builds on the comprehensive knowledge base produced by 10XCopenhagen ­– an analysis project that Wonderful Copenhagen conducted in 2018 and published in the beginning of 2019.

Tourism must support the local’s requirements

Tourism Moves operates on an ultra-local level. In close dialogue with local citizens and businesses as well as travellers, the project identifies the respective urban areas’ challenges and their potential for urban and tourism development, before developing ultra-local action plans, which will be executed in cooperation with local players.

Ørestad was chosen as the first neighbourhood, where Wonderful Copenhagen in cooperation with Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen and several other local players will ensure that tourism supports the local citizen’s wishes towards urban development in their neighbourhood and do so in a way where Ørestad becomes more attractive for both locals and visitors alike.

The effort to make Copenhagen’s less visited districts more accessible to travellers also reflects in Wonderful Copenhagen’s marketing channels, for example in the Neighbourhood campaign.

Kvalitativ analyse af turismerelaterede udfordringer og potentialer i Ørestad



73% of locals think that tourism has a positive effect on the local economy


77% of locals would like to see that tourists range out to other districts outside of the inner city


23% of tourists visited only the inner city during their stay in Copenhagen


48% of visitors are so-called high-mobility travellers, that have visited three or more districts

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