Sustainability in the cruise industry

Photo: Astrid Rasmussen

In CruiseCopenhagen, we are highly committed to developing a sustainable cruise future in Denmark. Together with our partners, we address and collaborate on essential sustainable areas related to the cruise industry. 

How we work with sustainability

CruiseCopenhagen's work on sustainable cruise development is centered around 3 areas, which you can read more about below. 

Cruise Ship in Copenhagen

Reducing pollution from cruise visits 

Copenhagen aims to be the world's first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025, and our ambition is to get cleaner cruises to Denmark. We work on reducing pollution from cruise visits by, e.g., establishing shore power facilities in Copenhagen, inspiring cruise guests to conduct sustainable behavior, promoting sustainable tour offers, etc. 

Bikes at Østerlars

Avoiding congestion and overcrowding 

With a growing number of cruise visitors to Denmark, we proactively avoid overcrowding in the future. E.g., by inspiring guests also to explore the less-visited areas of Copenhagen. Moreover, we bring key stakeholders together twice a year pre-and-post the cruise season to ensure we have a seamless port-city infrastructure. 

Cruise ship

Maximizing the economic benefit of the cruise industry 

CruiseCopenhagen aims to maximize the economic benefit from every cruise visit. Every year, we assist our partners in increasing revenue from cruise guests by education, e.g., by providing all partners with a list of cruise calls with specific information on each call, e.g., the guests' nationality, classification of the ship, etc. 

A joint industry effort

CruiseCopenhagen is proud to be part of the Cruise Baltic network, where 32 destinations have committed to a more sustainable region by signing the Cruise Baltic Sustainability Manifesto. Read about the initiatives being carried out in the cruise industry here.


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Did you know?

The cruise industry has committed themselves to reducing CO2 emissions by 40% before 2030. 

The entire world's fleet of cruise ships make up for less than 0.1% of the entire commercial fleet. 

The Baltic Sea has the world's strictest environmental laws for cruise ships concerning the emission of sulfur. 

The cruise industry reuses 60% more per person compared to a person on land. 

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