The sustainable turnaround port

Photo: AtridKBH

Copenhagen is a frontrunner when it comes to adopting sustainable solutions and the city has one of the world's most ambitious climate policies - with a goal of being the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025. 

Organic restaurants, sustainable hotels, and green urban spaces – the focus on the environment and sustainability can be seen everywhere in the city. In fact, with 62 % of its locals commuting by bike every day, Copenhagen is one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. The Copenhageners love their two-wheelers and thus contributing to the combination of sustainable solutions with a high quality of life.

Sustainable port facilities at Ocean Quay

As part of sustainable growth and development plan, the three buildings at Ocean Quay Cruise Terminal are furnished with 9,900 square-meter green roofs. This roof consists of live vegetation, and as a result, the plants on the roof both subdue noise pollution and purify rainwater. Technical solutions are in place at the terminals for dealing with both blackwater that is flushed out from toilets and greywater from baths, showers, washing-up, and laundry. Permanent facilities for wastewater have been installed at Ocean Quay, which can carry the waste of three ships simultaneously. The cruise ships pump their wastewater to these facilities, which convey the water in pipes to the sewage treatment plant. New cooperation between the City of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Malmö Port, and CPH City & Port Development will ensure limited emissions from cruise ships in the port of Copenhagen. One of the initial projects is the design of an onshore power supply for cruise ships at Ocean Quay. Read more about it here

Sustainable hotels

Sleeping with a green-conscious in Copenhagen is not a challenge since 70% of the hotels in the city are eco-certified, and several hotels and chains have an ambitious engagement within sustainability. 

Local and sustainable produce 

Copenhagen’s restaurants are riding the organic and green-wave. The New Nordic kitchen, which has become synonymous with Copenhagen and very popular in recent years, has a focus on seasonal ingredients and largely organic use of produce. So not only can you sleep with a clean (and green) conscience in Copenhagen, you can also eat with one. 

Green transport

All hotels and attractions in Copenhagen are easily reachable with public transportation from Copenhagen Airport, which is part of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. The city is encouraging the transition to green mobility by switching from diesel to electric busses, and the compact city center also makes getting around in the city easy. Copenhagen is also one of the pioneers within an infrastructural and sustainable design. Water and full of green areas surround the city, and in the middle is a harbor so clean that you can swim in it.