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The Value of Legacy

Below we present some of the reasons why various stakeholders can find it valuable to get involved in a legacy process.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab


  • Validate and achieve purpose, goals, and objectives
  • Contribute to solving global challenges
  • Increased number of delegates
  • Increased revenues from delegates and sponsors
  • Enhanced event strategy
  • Membership engagement and growth
  • Unlock new funding opportunities
Local host
Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Local Host

  • Solve local challenges within the field of research
  • Build a congress that leverages local knowledge and showcases the destination
  • Build a congress or event that stands out
  • Build a congress or event that creates awareness, buzz, and great stories
The Value of Legacy for Local Business Stakeholders
Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Business Stakeholders

  • Economic growth
  • Increased innovation
  • Increased export
  • Branding
  • Access to new knowledge
  • Talent attraction
  • New network and partnership opportunities
Educational stakeholders
Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Educational Stakeholders

  • Showcase research and field of expertise
  • International branding
  • Gain access to the latest knowledge
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Attract students and PhDs
  • Attract new funding
Governmental stakeholders
Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Governmental Stakeholders

  • Solve global, national, or local challenges
  • Showcase local destination
  • Strengthen public-private partnerships
  • Improve policy and legislation
  • Improve quality of life for its citizens
Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Local Destination

  • Broader value creation from congresses and events
  • Improve the local destination
  • Employer branding
  • Win more bids
  • Support long-term funding
Gerda Marie Rist GMR

Lead of Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Mobile:+45 21946853

Jakob Kjeldgaard Jensen JKJ
Major Events

Manager - Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Mobile:+45 60 15 52 30


Read more about our work with congresses and events which Copenhagen Legacy Lab supports, by ensuring a broader value creation, supporting some of our strongholds here among Life Science, Green Transition, and Information & Communications Technology.

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