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Cases from Events

Read our legacy case study from events. Here you can gain insight into how you can work with a legacy approach to events.

Event case study cll - BWF
Copenhagen Convention Bureau

The BWF World Badminton Championships 2023

The World Badminton Championships was held in Copenhagen in the Royal Arena from 21-27 August 2023.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab wanted to use the event as a platform to establish new partnerships and create broader value by:

  • Strengthening the trade cooperation between the Danish water sector and several Asian countries
  • Engaging and involving senior citizens by establishing new partnerships.
Gerda Marie Rist GMR

Lead of Copenhagen Legacy Lab


Mobile:+45 21946853

Jakob Kjeldgaard Jensen JKJ
Major Events

Manager - Copenhagen Legacy Lab


Mobile:+45 60 15 52 30


Read more about our work with congresses and events which Copenhagen Legacy Lab supports, by ensuring a broader value creation, supporting some of our strongholds here among Life Science, Green Transition, and Information & Communications Technology.