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Cases from Events

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Copenhagen Gaming Week 2024 Copenhagen Legacy Lab Case

Copenhagen Gaming Week

Event case study cll - BWF
Copenhagen Convention Bureau

BWF World Championships 2023

The World Badminton Championships was held in Copenhagen in the Royal Arena from 21-27 August 2023.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab aimed to use the event as a platform to:

  • Involve senior citizens by establishing new partnerships

  • Strengthen the trade cooperation between Asia and the Danish water sector

Copenhagen Gaming Week Copenhagen Legacy Lab 2024
Copenhagen Convention Bureau

Copenhagen Gaming Week 2024

Copenhagen Gaming Week was hosted in Bella Center Copenhagen from 12-14 January 2024 with more than 12,500 visitors. In relation to the event, Copenhagen Legacy Lab's ambition was to strengthen the Danish games industry by supporting up-and-coming game developers. The legacy process resulted in CPH:TAGS, which was a dedicated area to showcase, promote, and test 39 of the brightest new games. Working with legacy also led to and supported other initiatives:

  • Game Developer Talks (CPH:GDT)
  • Steam Sale
  • School Day
  • Talent Attraction
Gerda Marie Rist GMR

Lead of Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Jakob Kjeldgaard Jensen JKJ
Major Events

Manager - Copenhagen Legacy Lab


Read more about our work with congresses and events which Copenhagen Legacy Lab supports, by ensuring a broader value creation, supporting some of our strongholds here among Life Science, Green Transition, and Information & Communications Technology.