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Cases and perspectives

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Dig deeper into different cases and perspectives

CASE: IWA2021 in Copenhagen
The International Water Association (IWA) brings together approximately 10,000 scientists, researchers, technology companies, and water and wastewater utilities from 130 countries. See the extensive legacy programme for the IWA2021 congress in Copenhagen.
Future of congresses – The Copenhagen Model
Copenhagen CVB and BestCities have conducted an in-depth piece of future research in a unique collaboration with future scientists and designers. Explore four immersive scenarios for 2040 that spell out potential futures for our industry.
MeetDenmark Outreach Report
To succeed with the Danish vision of creating a powerful nexus between association and community this project took a closer look at the current international outreach and legacy landscape and practices. The project involved desk research on 50 international associations and 50 destinations as well as interviews.
MeetDenmark Meeting Legacies 2020
This report looks more in detail on how associations and destinations can create greater meeting legacies. What are the actual steps involved? The report contains a number of tools aimed at helping in the step-by-step planning of the legacy process.
Architecture Guide to the UN 17 SDGs
This guide book makes it tangible how the built environment interacts with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is meant to inspire architects and stakeholders involved in the built environment to engage with the challenges.
Copenhagen Legacy Lab Film
Watch the film about Copenhagen Legacy Lab for the Iceberg Project: Legacies of business events.
BestCities Study: Advancing Event Legacies Through Impact Measurement
BestCities undertook this study to help associations and destinations create a more strategic approach to legacy. The report refers to findings from MeetDenmark’s 2018/2019 studies into meeting legacies as a framework for the current practises in place and delves into establishing a vocabulary and measurement toolkit for international associations to quantify impact through events.
Thomas Trøst Hansen PhD thesis: The Impacts of Academic Events
A new PhD study from Wonderful Copenhagen presents unique insight into the academic benefits of attending and chairing a congress.