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As a partner, you will get access to all other partners of the network and all the networking activities. You will be invited to attend all meetings and events that CruiseCopenhagen facilitates. See all the partner benefits here!

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CruiseCopenhagen wins Horesta's marketing award for raising International Awareness

Video transcript of the video above

Denmark's trade organization for hotels and restaurants recently handed out their yearly award to someone who has made a special effort to put Denmark on the world map.

This is the seventh time they have handed out their marketing award, the MARIA Award. 

Claus Bødker, Director CruiseCopenhagen quote: "We are very proud." 

The award was given to the founder of the network CruiseCopenhagen, named one of Denmark's biggest tourism successes.

Claus Bødker, Director CruiseCopenhagen quote: "It felt really good to receive the MARIA Award. We did not even think we could experience this in our wildest dreams."

CruiseCopenhagen was established in 1992, and since then, many cruise ships have passed through the Danish ports. The cruise industry is doing well in Denmark. In 2018, we had 1.1 million cruise guests, a new record after the last record year of 2017. With revenue of DKK 1.5 billion, which contributes to approximately 2,000 full-time employment opportunities, it is safe to say that CruiseCopenhagen has the wind in its sails.

The key to success is the close collaboration between the partners in the network. They can put their competition aside and collaborate to make the overall cruise industry bigger for the benefit of Denmark. The strong collaboration has made it possible to develop the cruise product even further. The cruise season has been extended, and cruise lines can now visit Danish ports all year round. 

Claus Bødker, Director CruiseCopenhagen quote: "With the receipt of the award, we will continue to look forward. We know that many new cruise ships will arrive in the upcoming years, but we can't take it for granted to visit Copenhagen and the other Danish ports. The award motivates us to work even harder to attract cruise guests to our region." 

Only in December 2018, seven Christmas cruise lines disembarked in Copenhagen.


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