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Hotel Group Partnership

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A CruiseCopenhagen partnership is an investment in your company's success within the cruise industry in Denmark. 

A CruiseCopenhagen partnership provides you with the best benefits, tools, and resources to navigate the cruise industry in Denmark. We enable local businesses to connect and collaborate to make Denmark a more attractive and sustainable cruise destination. 

As a CruiseCopenhagen partner, your company will be promoted to cruise lines and travel agents at sales calls, trade shows and on our digital platforms. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to connect with other partner companies within the cruise industry in Denmark, get cruise market insights and much more. Read more about the benefits of becoming a partner here.

A Hotel Group partnership is beneficial to hotel chains, who want to increase their market share within the cruise industry in Denmark. When you join CruiseCopenhagen as a Hotel Group Partner, you are entitled to have up to three hotels promoted on our digital platforms, in our marketing material and at trade shows and sales calls with cruise lines and travel agents.

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