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10 recommendations for your participants

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

If you want to push your sustainability efforts to the next level, you must actively encourage and facilitate your participants’ sustainable behaviour. This is where the biggest potential for impactful change lies.

1. Did you offset your travel or manage to convince your employer to do so?

2. Help us keep track of your plans and attendance in order to reduce the waste of materials and food.

3. Leave your car behind and go by foot or by bike. This is also the best way to meet the Copenhageners.

4. Are you busy or tired? The metro is faster and more reliable than a fossil fuel-based vehicle, and Copenhagen is well-connected with its four different metro lines.

5. Feel free to not heap your plate and instead to have another round at the buffet if you need more.

6. Have you seen our digital platforms? We have made it easy for you to avoid printed materials altogether.

7. BYO (Bring Your Own)! We would love it if you brought your own water bottle and bag - and so would the environment. Leave no waste behind.

8. Do you know how to sort your waste during the event? Ask around or look at the signs on our different rubbish bins placed around the venue.

9. Being sustainable also means engaging in local culture, using the city not just as a tourist but as a local. Have you met the Copenhageners, tried out some Nordic sustainable food or decided which Copenhagen neighbourhood is your favourite yet?

10. Bringing home something from your visit to Copenhagen is awesome but have in mind that it doesn’t have to be a physical souvenir. Taking and sharing photos can be a more sustainable way to bring home souvenirs.

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