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Reffen streetfood market in Copenhagen

Get to know our wonderful Copenhagen

Whether you are looking for the perfect venue or hotel, searching for new inspiring incentive ideas or are keen to include some of the world’s best restaurants in your event program, you will find it all in Copenhagen. Our clean, safe city where sustainability is high on the agenda welcomes you and your delegates

Introducing Copenhagen

Whether you are looking for the perfect venue or hotel, seaching for new inspiring incentive ideas with a sustainable theme or you are keen to include some of the worlds best restaurants in your next event, rest assured that in Copenhagen you are never far away from any of it.

Sustainable Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a frontrunner when it comes to adopting sustainable solutions and the city has one of the world's most ambitious climate policies - with a goal of being the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025.

Copenhagen - safe to visit

The number one priority for Copenhagen CVB and our partners is to ensure that delegates can meet in safe surroundings in Copenhagen and rest assured that their events are handled with the highest safety standards in accordance with the guidelines of the Danish Health Authorities.

The gastronomy scene

Learn why Copenhagen is so renowned for its food scene, from New Nordic to Danish classics and foodmarkets to Michelin.

Danish design & architecture

From Danish furniture to iconic buildings and renowned design wonders - Copenhagen has it all. Functional. Edgy. Timeless. Minimalistic.

Explore one of the world's happiest and most liveable countries

The Danish lifestyle

Rumour has it that hygge explains why the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. But don't take our word for it; see for yourself.

The practical stuff

Know how to get and here and move around. So, spend time on things more important than transportation. Copenhagen is both small and well connected, making transport an easy thing to check off the list. 

Everything is closer in Copenhagen

Whether you are in search of the perfect venue or hotel, interested in design and architecture or keen to try some of the world’s best restaurants, rest assured that in Copenhagen you are never far away from it all.

Easy to Reach

Copenhagen is easy to get to, and easy to navigate when you arrive.  Over 190 flights arrive at our award-winning airport every day, and a safe and efficient welcome will ensure you’re quickly on your way to explore our beautiful city.

Easy and efficient transportation

With non-stop flights from more than 190 international destinations, Copenhagen Airport is easy to access from every continent and all major European cities are within a one to two hour flight.

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Copenhagen is UNESCO World Capital of Architecture in 2023

Copenhagen will not only be hosting the UIA World Congress of Architects in 2023, it will also be named UNESCO World Capital of Architecture.

Reaching for the stars: Copenhagen awarded 23 Michelin stars

Copenhagen’s food and restaurant scene continues to impress the world. At this year’s unveiling of the 2020 Michelin Nordic guide, 16 Copenhagen resta...

ICCA Ranking: Copenhagen retains its position as one of the world’s most popular congress cities

The Danish capital has long been one of the world’s most popular convention cities, successfully attracting and hosting a string of congresses. Last y...

What’s in it for the academic community? New Copenhagen PhD study identifies academic benefits of chairing and attending events

Every year, up to 300,000 academic events are held globally, engaging millions of scholars. Yet, limited knowledge exists about the professional outco...

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