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Why Now?

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We see several turns of events that all push us to reconsider our industry and our value proposition to international and national stakeholders. Some are specific to the meetings industry while others are megatrends impacting all industries:

Winds of change


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3. Global Pandemics
COVID-19 has a major impact on the global economy, and the meetings industry is transforming permanently as a consequence.


4. Tech Revolution
The rapid development of new tech solutions, that can facilitate large and effective virtual meetings across the world, is becoming cheaper, more advanced and more “real” in its ability to transmit human communication and interaction. This will increasingly challenge the need to bring large numbers of geographically dispersed people together in one location for a given period of time.


Photo:Wonderful Copenhagen

1. The Climate Crisis
Our industry - the meetings industry - depends on millions of people being flown around the world to attend meetings in temporary settings. The consequence is a substantial carbon footprint. We see our necessary response as twofold; first, the industry must actively engage in reducing the carbon footprint of business events. Second, the meetings industry has an obligation to unfold the full potentials of business events.


2. The Pursuit of Purpose
To woo clients, attract the brightest talent and work with the best research partners in the future, progressive companies need a stronger purpose than merely generating short-term profit for their shareholders.


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5. The Collaborative Era In Knowledge Production
We live in a time, where the forms of knowledge production are undergoing massive changes due to the abundant availability of data, information and knowledge. We are moving towards an era characterized by collaboration, internationalization, interdisciplinarity, cross-sectorial alliances, openness and problem-focused research. In this era, events will become even more important as platforms for dissemination and sharing of information and network.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Responding to the above trends and armed with fundamental, in depth knowledge and understanding of both the value of congress legacy and the mechanisms of imbedding processes to create long-lasting, positive impacts gand legacies, we have developed a next level in the global meetings industry conversation; Copenhagen Legacy Lab.

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