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Copenhagen Legacy Process

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We help you build legacy

For incoming knowledge congresses in our region, we offer a carefully designed process that brings together the stakeholders of the specific event to create meaningful legacy for both the association and destination. We place particular emphasis on securing cross-sectoral participation in the legacy process and thus ensuring that stakeholders across business, academia and civil sectors are engaged.

Gear Up For Legacy

Our toolkit for working with legacy offers a carefully designed workshop concept, supported by graphical tools that aim to involve local stakeholders in visiting congresses, and together explore how a congress might create more impact and value for the local community and destination. 

The toolkit helps stakeholders identify concrete activities around a congress that add long term value to their organization, the destination as well as the global community.

The toolkit is based on several years of practical experience, testing, research and developed with the assistance from knowledgeable process designers.

We are proud to be the frist to package so much of our experience and knowledge  around working with legacy into a simple and hands-on toolkit for working strategically and innovatively with building legacy. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the toolkit, or how you can work with us please get in touch.

Four Steps to Legacy

The Legacy Lab process is designed to inspire associations and local stakeholders to develop and commit to activities that leave a lasting, positive and sustainable impact on both the association and the destination.

During the process, stakeholders will be inspired by a wide range of outreach and legacy learnings and examples from previous congresses, and they will explore, identify and commit to initiating activities driving a long-lasting impact, creating a positive congress legacy. Hallmarks of the process are: Inspiration, ideation and commitment.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab initially engages association leadership in a reflection on the legacy potentials their congress might drive.
After having clearly identified legacy potentials, we facilitate a mapping and engagement of the congress' most important and relevant stakeholders.
The cornerstone of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab processs is an ideation workshop where the association leadership and key stakeholders engage in the co-creation of potential activities to support the desired legacy outcomes
Following the Legacy Lab staff will secure the continued progress by following-up with all stakeholders and groups that have committed to building legacy activities and support and encourage the initiation of the activities.