Press release: The MeetDenmark Outreach Study

Photo: Martin Heiberg

During 2018 MeetDenmark, together with international consultancy, Gaining Edge, conducted a major project on outreach. The purpose of the project was to identify how Danish destinations can create significant added value for the international associations coming to Denmark.

The objective is to help associations achieve greater impacts in fulfilling their own goals and missions while also strengthening the value of visiting congresses for Danish society beyond the traditional direct economic benefits.

To succeed with the Danish vision of creating a powerful nexus between association and community goals the project amongst other things took a closer look at current international outreach and legacy activities. This was done to create a deeper understanding and to establish the foundations for a new value creating model of strategic partnership between congresses and destinations.

The project involved desk research on 50 international associations and 50 destinations as well as interviews with 20 from each of the two groups.

Among the primary findings are:

  • There seem to be no consistent outreach practices in associations or destinations
  • Association approaches are proactive, but ad hoc and varied in relation to mission, goals and circumstances
  • Destinations are mostly reactive – providing support for the outreach activities that are being pursued by the events. Destinations are still broadly focused on hospitality outcomes. They are thinking legacy, but not organized in defining and pursuing it. The limited effort is often due to scarce budget resources and their traditional sales orientation
  • There is limited ongoing measurement of meeting outcomes both by associations and destinations

During 2019 MeetDenmark will publish further and more in-depth results from the analysis. For example:

  • Comparing perspectives: Association and destination perspectives on outreach and legacy
  • Dynamics of successful outreach: How are outreach efforts typically financed, who are the stakeholders involved, what are the key success drivers?
  • Synergies in outreach: The dynamics of outreach and how a benefit for an association may relate to a different benefit for the destination and vice versa.
  • The business case for outreach: Exploring how the business case changes depending on the ‘audience’.
  • Measuring the effects of outreach: Exploring how things are typically measured currently.