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Bicycle-friendly Copenhagen

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546 km of bicycle paths, bike bridges, cycle superhighways and many other innovative solutions make Copenhagen the world’s most bicycle-friendly capital. 

Copenhagen has been holding the position as the most bicycle-friendly capital since 2015. This is due to its infrastructure, making cycling both convenient, safe, and fast. In Copenhagen, you find curb-separated bicycle tracks, bike bridges across its canals, cycle superhighways, traffic lights and green waves for two-wheeled commuters, which are just a few examples of Copenhagen’s way of designing and investing in a city for life, where bikes outnumber cars, where a cargo bike to take your kids to school is cooler than an SUV.   

Taking the bike is not only a choice for those bright summer days. Winter can get cold, but still, copenhageners rank high when it comes to bicycle commuting every year. This is not due to the locals being genetically disposed towards cycling. It is a matter of priority. In the past years, the City of Copenhagen has had a consistent focus on bicycle-centric urban planning investing in a safe, well-connected, and user-friendly bicycle infrastructure, making cycling the best way to get around the city.

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