Ambassador Award 2018

Martin Lister is this year's CruiseCopenhagen Ambassador Winner

Photo: CruiseCopenhagen

The winner of the ‘CruiseCopenhagen Ambassador Award 2018’ is Martin Lister from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. He won because of his great work preparing cruise itineraries which exclusively visit Danish ports.

The ‘CruiseCopenhagen Ambassador Award’ is given annually to a personality within the cruise industry who has played an active role to promote Denmark as a cruise destination.This year’s winner Martin Lister, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experience for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, has been planning and developing itineraries for over a decade, including cruise itineraries which exclusively visit Danish ports.

“Martin Lister has a talent to promote authentic experiences and he has worked closely with the Danish ports, which benefit the cruise passengers. He is creative, fearless and enthusiastic and has been an important contributor to accelerating the development of cruise itineraries, which has contributed to promote Danish ports. This is also the reason why Martin Lister now is the beholder of the CruiseCopenhagen Ambassador Award 2018,” says Director of CruiseCopenhagen, Claus Bødker, who handed out the prize.

Martin Lister is honoured to receive the CruiseCopenhagen Ambassador Award:

“I am very honored to have been chosen as the winner of this year's prestigious 'CruiseCopenhagen Ambassador' award. It is also great that the Danish destinations recognize Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines' innovation with itineraries. We work very hard to identify opportunities to give new cruising experiences to our regular and new guests.”

According to Lister, their dedicated 'Denmark' itinerary has been one of the most enjoyable cruises to plan:

“We have developed it into a 'Welcome to Denmark' cruise, recognising the many accolades that Denmark and its destinations have been awarded for their happy, friendly and welcoming nature. Our Danish ports and destination partners are great to work with. They have introduced fantastic quayside festivities and activities to support the concept and make our guests feel welcome and immerse them into the community. Our guests have really enjoyed this during the cruises that we have operated so far, and this has been reflected in the satisfaction ratings and reviews that we have received, which have been encouragingly positive,” Martin Lister says.

Photo caption: Director of CruiseCopenhagen, Claus Bødker, handed out the prize to Martin Lister, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experience for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

About Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines:

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, based in Suffolk, England, is renowned for its innovative itineraries. In 2019/20, Fred. Olsen cruises will be visiting no fewer than 219 destinations in 75 countries in 2019/20, covering 79 areas of scenic cruising.