Wonderful Copenhagen
Københavns lufthavn

Luggage storage in Copenhagen

Valizo offers luggage storage services for your clients, so they do not have to carry their luggage around the city while exploring the many interesting sights of Copenhagen. 

VALiZO offers luggage service to tourists traveling via Copenhagen Airport, which makes it easy to explore the city. 

VAliZO will handle the luggage from the minute your guests arrive in Copenhagen to the minute they leave – do not have to bother with luggage transfer!

  • Cruise start: VALiZO can bring the luggage directly to the cruise cabin from Copenhagen Airport or hotel.
  • Cruise end: VALiZO can bring the luggage to the hotel or Copenhagen Airport. 
  • At Copenhagen Airport: The luggage can be dropped off and collected from the VALiZO office at the airport. 

More detailed information is available here