Wonderful Copenhagen
Cruise guests at Christmas

Christmas Cruises

Every year, the Danish Cruise ports give the cruise guests visiting Denmark during Christmas a warm Christmassy welcome. 

Christmas in Denmark is steeped in unique traditions, magical experiences and is the peak season of 'hygge', the Danish concept, which can be translated roughly into coziness, and refers to the feeling you get while spending time with your loved ones. Denmark is sparkling with Christmas decorations, and as the weather cools down, the festive spirits heat up with lots of events taking place in the cities and on the countryside. 

In Denmark, we want our cruise guests to feel the special Christmas atmosphere from the moment they go ashore until the moment they leave to the next port. Every year, we plan a special Christmassy welcome and farewell for the cruise guests visiting Denmark during the month of December.

This year, the port of Copenhagen looks forward to receiving the following three cruise calls:

  • December 3rd 2020: Balmorel
  • December 15th 2020: Aurora
  • December 23rd 2020: Arcadia 

And the port of Fredericia looks forward to receiving Arcadia on Christmas Eve, where the cruise guests get to experience a traditional Danish Christmas. See here how we spread the holiday spirit to the cruise guests coming to Denmark.