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How sustainable can you make your event?

Why is it important

An event leaves a tangible and physical impact from the materials and resources it uses. If managed correctly an event can be an active part of a circular society. On the other hand, it can lead to a situation no event wants to be associated with today with plastic and leftovers going directly to waste. Key questions to ask are:

  • Are you considering each handout, poster, goodie-bag or merchandise and asking yourself whether it is truly needed, or if, alternatively, it can be done digitally or in other ways? 
  • Do your participants or audience need physical materials? Can you encourage them to bring their own bottles, pens and paper? 
  • Is everything you have produced for your event handled responsibly when the event has taken place? Do you know what will happen with your e.g. your stage design or other materials and setups produced only for the event, once you are done?
  • Can the core materials at the events be produced sustainably?

How high are your ambitions?

To support your efforts in working with materials and communication, we have put together a list of key actions to take. Consider these a starting point. A guide, and not a final checklist. It is meant to get you going in building your own list of actions and in exploring if and how this will help you achieve your established sustainability ambition for your event.

Working with Copenhagen on communication and promotion

When looking to find the right way to communicate and promote your event in a sustainable manner, Wonderful Copenhagen and local partners can support you with inspiration, insights and materials to support you with your ambitions. Examples are: 

  • Free use of the Copenhagen Media Center where you can download high quality photos and films for use to promote your event digitally. 
  • Easy access to sustainable venues that can support your sustainability ambitions for communication and materials. Go toCopenhagen Meetingplanner Guide and browse for venues and hotels with sustainable credentials and commitments. 
  • Inspiration and ideas from events and congresses in Copenhagen that show best practice examples. Find three inspirational cases here: Roskilde Festival, UIA 2023 &C40 World Mayors Summit.
  • CVB assistance in liaising with relevant media stakeholders to help raise awareness around sustainable initiatives.
  • Have your congress or event promoted at the CVB online calendar and potentially at the CVB LinkedIn page. Conditions apply. 

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Venues & Accommodation

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Food & Beverages

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