Chinavia Toolkit

Photo: Martin Heiberg

We have developed special toolkits for hotels, restaurants, retailers, and attractions to help them meet Chinese expectations and give them a good experience.

In addition to the toolkits below, you may also learn more about Chinese travelers, cultural differences and service expectations by taking our free course: China-Ready Online Course.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Lee Ann Hollesen on lah@woco.dk.

China-Ready Advice for Hotels

To help Scandinavian hotels adapt their service to accommodate the Chinese expectations, we have compiled a few China-ready tools that may be of use.

China-Ready Advice for Retailers

The Chinese enjoy shopping in Scandinavia but we can improve even further in terms of providing service that is appreciated - and maybe even expected.

China-Ready Advice for Restaurants

If you have Chinese customers, you have probably noticed that they do things differently and have other expectations than Scandinavian guests.

China-Ready Advice for Attractions

To help attractions improve their service to the increasingly independent Chinese visitors, we present useful tips for receiving Chinese guests.