Chinese tourists ind Copenhagen

Project highlights

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Ever since the beginning of the Chinavia project, Wonderful Copenhagen has conducted a series of projects to market Copenhagen as a destination to Chinese tourists. Below are a few highlights. 

Chinese City Map

Chinavia has designed a popular Chinese city map of Copenhagen, which is available for free at various sites in Copenhagen.


The Chinavia project has produced a series of animation films that show different themes and areas in Greater Copenhagen and Scandinavia.


"theNORTH" is a MOOK series about urban travel, lifestyle, gastronomy, art and design in the Nordic countries.

Beijing Design Week

Copenhagen was the official guest city for Beijing Design Week 2018.

Celebrity Visit: Chen Shu

"SHU’s Lifestyle" is a video series about lifestyle, design, and aesthetics by the famous Chinese actress Chen Shu.

Celebrity Visit: Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee is one of the biggest stars in China and became Denmark's Tourism  Ambassador to China in 2017.

Celebrity Visit: Lexie

Lexie is a young hip-hop singer, who was invited to explore Copenhagen.