Chinese tourists ind Copenhagen

Project highlights

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Ever since the beginning of the Chinavia project, Wonderful Copenhagen has conducted a series of projects to market Copenhagen as a destination to Chinese tourists. Below are a few highlights. 

City map of Copenhagen in Chinese

You can get a Chinese city map of Copenhagen for free at Copenhagen Airport and from many hotels in Copenhagen.

Project Highlight - Animations

In the Chinavia project, we have produced a series of animation films that show different themes and areas in Greater Copenhagen.

Project Highlight - MOOK "theNORTH"

"theNORTH", “Duo xi bei ou” in Chinese, is a mook series, with content on urban travel, lifestyle, art and design in the Nordic countries.

Project Highlight - Beijing Design Week

Copenhagen was the guest city for Beijing Design Week 2018. Together with other partners, Wonderful Copenhagen supported the event by leading several ...

Project Highlight - Celebrity Visit: Chen Shu "SHU’s Lifestyle"

"SHU’s Lifestyle" is a Life-Aesthetic video program. It aims to explore an alternative lifestyle for Chinese in a period of fast economic development.

Project Highlight - Celebrity Visit: Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee is one of the top new stars in China in recent years. He was awarded as the Ambassador for Denmark's Tourism and invited to visit Denmark ...

Project Highlight - Celebrity Visit: Lexie

The project is a collaboration with Netease Cloud Music, one of the top music APPs in China. Lexie, a young hip-hop singer was invited to explore Cope...