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Find different surveys and reports, and explore the results of the major research project 10XCOPENHAGEN. 


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Bed night statistics

This dashboard visualizes the bed night statistics for select regions within Denmark, including the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark (excl. Bornholm). The bed night statistics are shown for each market and can be filtered by destination, year and month, by using the drop-down menus in the top right corner of the dashboard. The markets are color-coded from light blue to dark blue relative to the number of bed nights from visitors from that market. More details can be seen about a specific market by hovering the mouse over it.


10XCOPENHAGEN was initiated as a major research project in October 2017 with the purpose of creating new insights to outline the direction for a competitive tourism development in Copenhagen towards 2030. The 10XCOPENHAGEN research includes a substantial focus on the Copenhageners’ perception and experience of tourism in their daily lives, in addition to the research on the competitive position of Copenhagen’s tourism product as well as the future drivers of tourism growth.

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