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For a truly royal experience, visit the following food and design businesses during a trip to Copenhagen, all suppliers to the Royal Danish Court. It’s no mean feat to be on this list.

Note that the predicate Royal Court Suppliers ceases after Queen Margaret’s abdication on January 14, 2024. The companies with the predicate Royal Court Supplier can use the title at least until January 15, 2025.

To become a Purveyor to Her Majesty, businesses must show an established record of being a supplier to the Court for many years. Today there are 100 Danish and 6 foreign holders of the Royal Warrant, of which these are just a selection. 

Royal Court Suppliers - Food 

  • A.C. Perch’s Tea Merchants - Denmark’s premier tea supplier, who have had a Royal Warrant since 2002, have a charming tearoom and tea shop in Copenhagen. 
  • Sømod’s Candies - This beautiful old-fashioned hard candy shop is worth visiting to see the hand-made sugar candies being made in the back room. 

  • Carlsberg - Known all over the world for their beer, Carlsberg is a major Danish export brand and supplies the Royal Court. It's available in just about every bar and pub in the city. 

  • Steff-Houlberg hot dogs - Available on street corners across the city, Steff Houlberg sells popular Danish hotdogs and other meat products. 

  • Sv. Michelsen Chokolade - This elegant fair-trade chocolatier has a factory in the city and supplies high-quality handmade chocolate to the Royal Court. 

  • Tuborg Beer - Brewed in Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen. Tuborg is owned by Carlsberg and supplies beer to the Royal Court. It’s also available in just about every bar and pub in the city. 

Royal Court Suppliers - Design 

  • Bang & Olufsen - This high-end consumer electronics company makes headphones, speakers and audio products and has a flagship store on Østergade. 

  • Georg Jensen Jewellery - The renowned high-quality jeweller makes items for the Royal Court and has a flagship shop on Amagertorv. 

    In connection with the Golden Jubilee, Georg Jensen announced a design competition in late 2020 with the objective of creating the company’s next iconic jewellery. The result is the so-called 'Jubilee Jewellery' of which a special edition was presented to HM The Queen at an audience in the Great Hall of Christian IX’s Palace at Amalienborg this January.

  • Kaj Bojesen designer wooden toys - The cheeky hanging monkeys are just one of Kaj’s memorable designs, available in Illums Bolighus and many other design-led stores. 

  • Illums Bolighus - The Harrods of Scandinavian Design, Illums Bolighus on Amagertorv is the premier centre for Danish and Scandinavian interior design, selling furniture, soft furnishings and much more. 

  • LEGO - This one needs no introduction - the children of the Royal Court have been playing with LEGO bricks just like everyone else, for decades. The LEGO flagship store is at Vimmelskaftet 37.  

  • Royal Copenhagen porcelain - Universally accepted as the most refined way to present your food all over Denmark, Royal Copenhagen makes beautiful porcelain plates, bowls and more. Its flagship store is between Georg Jensen and Illums Bolighus on Amagertorv. 

  • Ole Lynggaard Jewellery - Treat yourself to some fine jewellery fit for a queen or a princess. Its flagship store is located on Ny Østergade. 

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