New floating sauna brings the heat to Copenhagen’s canals

Author: Giuseppe Liverino
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Sauna by GoBoat brings the Scandinavian tradition to the centre of Copenhagen combining the joys of the sauna's heat with the water in a safe and aesthetic setting. Copenhagen’s clean harbour allows for guests to dive into the dipping zones next to the sauna for a winter-spa-experience.

The first-ever floating sauna in Copenhagen is located at Ved Stranden 26 in the city centre. The sauna fits 12 people. Through the sauna’s large windows guests will get a panoramic view directly to the charming canal of Slotsholm, Christiansborg palace, and the rest of the city centre. No membership is required for bookings, and all bookings are done online via saunabygoboat.dk – in November and December there will also be an introductory discount.

Sauna by GoBoat is for everyone

In Copenhagen, more than 7.000 people are on a waiting list for a winter spa club and tourism is slowly coming back to the city. Winter offers different experiences – but the water is not as inviting for most people. But with the combined sauna and dipping zone there are new possibilities for travellers to enjoy a swim during the cold months. Anders Ekelund Mørck, CEO of GoBoat, says the following about Sauna by GoBoat:

“After several years of development and production of the Sauna by GoBoat concept, we are now ready with a pop-up location in the heart of Copenhagen. Thank you to Strömma for the cooperation which ensures a good location for our first sauna module this winter. Sauna by Goboat is the perfect activity for groups of friends and families to enjoy a ride in the heat with an eminent view that only a few have seen before. Try it – we will even give a discount for the rest of 2021.”

A session in the sauna can be booked online via saunabygobat.dk. You can book the entire sauna at once with room for 12 people for one or two hours. The community has always been a part of GoBoat’s spirit which can also be seen in the design of GoBoat’s boats with a picnic table in the middle. The social aspect is repeated in Sauna by GoBoat, just as the sustainable aspect is thought into the entire production of the sauna.

The use of a towel is mandatory and nudity is not allowed. It is possible to bring your own towel or buy one on location. Changing facilities and lockers are available. Beverages – including wine and beer – can be purchased at the time of booking. It is not possible to bring your own beverages.


Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

Future on the water

The Danish-owned GoBoat, which also has locations across the world in Australia, England, Germany, and Sweden and which are also present in Odense and Aalborg in addition to Copenhagen, has for a longer period of time had a wish to also operate in the colder months of the year. Although the boat rentals are also open for rental during the winter months, the sauna concept is the obvious next step for GoBoat to become an all-year-round experience.

“Our studies show that winter bathing and especially saunas are extremely popular in both Copenhagen, but also in the rest of the country and the world. A floating sauna is an obvious way for us to share our love for the maritime, as you almost sit on the water and therewith get a whole new view of the city. The established and skilled winter bathing and sauna clubs are doing a great job and have long waiting lists these days. Hence we hope that with our sauna, we can give more Copenhageners and the guests of the city the chance to get a warm ride”, says Anders Ekelund Mørck.

A session in the sauna can be booked online via saunabygoboat.dk. Use the code saunabygoboat for a 500 DKK discount for the rest of 2021.

This edited press release was originally published by GoBoat.

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