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Restaurant Amass in Copenhagen by Matt Orlando

Copenhagen and the noma legacy


Popl, Amass, Mirabelle, Barr, Sanchez Cantina, Hart Brød+Bar and many more, are excellent local gastro offshoots of famed restaurant noma and Danish chef René Redzepi, who helped launch the pioneering New Nordic Cuisine in the'00s and changed the face of the nation's food scene forever.

With noma (short for “nordisk mad” i.e., Nordic food) a unique Nordic food legacy was thus born. One that is still in full vigor on the Copenhagen gastro scene, and which kickstarted a re-invention of gastronomy to fit local latitudes. It had foodies from across the world go mad about the Copenhagen food scene - as they still do.

Today Copenhagen has become a gastro-destination like never seen before and noma’s worldwide success helped foster a new generation of dedicated and innovative alumni. Alumni who without hesitation have embraced and cultivated the manifesto of the New Nordic cuisine. And alumni whom local and seasonal as well as foraging and fermentation, are lifelike watchwords. As a result, the Copenhagen food sce-ne, boasts more eateries, bars, breweries and bakeries than ever before and is thriving in the legacy of noma and its peers.

For food-lovers dying to eat their way through the Danish capital, some of the latest shoots on the noma-strain as well as the classics include:

New openings during lockdown

Get the popular noma burger on Christianshavn at POPL by René Redzepi, chef, founder and co-owner of noma. What started as a pop-up burger restaurant and bar in the summer of 2020 has seemingly come to stay!
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Hart Brød+Bar
Former head baker at Tartine and founder of Hart Brød+Bar, Richard Hart is, in collaboration with René Redzepi, behind one of Copenhagen’s most popular and innovative bakeries; Hart Bakery. With Hart Brød+Bar, Hart has now opened a second place in the capital moving away from the traditional bakery concept to a café serving sourdough bread by day - and a wine bar by night offering an extensive wine list curated by noma.
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Hija de Sanchez Cantina
In Nordhavn, the newest neighborhood of Copenhagen and a place thoroughly designed with Scandinavian precision and sustainable directions, Hija de Sanchez Cantina spices up the new hood with some of the best Mexican tacos in town. Here, head chef Rosio Sanchez, a former dessert chef of noma, and her team, work with great love and respect for traditions of the taco, and it shows. Some of their main ingredients are imported from Mexico, supporting small local farmers, and making it a case of sustainable cooking too.
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Amass Fried Chicken
Served mostly for regulars, who enjoyed a glass of natural wine in Amass’ urban farm on Refshaleøen, not many knew about the crispiest fried chicken in town. The rumor spread fast, however, and the dish quickly became a locals’ favorite. During lock-down Amass-owners Matt and Julie Orlando thus decided to open up their own fried chicken shop “Amass Fried Chicken” (AFC) definitely worth a visit. While you are there, allow yourself to explore more of one of the city’s hippest areas too – it’s a great hub for not just great foods, but also for creativity, alternative urban development, and fun festivals.
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The great classics

With the historic Burmeister and Wain shipyards as a unique backdrop lies hotspot gourmet restaurant Amass on Refshaleøen. Amass is headed by former noma head chef Mat-thew Orlando and his wife Julia and is a true frontrunner within sustainable cooking. The restaurant serves a contemporary, organic cuisine with a strict focus on locally sourced ingredients and is known for its way of working with supreme produce from local farms and regional purveyors – and their own 800-square meter garden located right in front of the dining area. The menu is ever changing and influenced by terroir and weather and every ingredient is carefully examined with techniques with the highest regard to each element.
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At the Counter
Just a few hundred meters from “Juno the bakery”, signless café At the Counter serves high quality cof-fee along with hyped pastries by former noma chef Emil Glaser. Its name reflects the ven-ue’s philosophy well too, encouraging dialogue between the locals and its baristas.  
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Going back in time to discover the future of Nordic gastronomy and beer, Barr is an old Irish word for crops, and Old Norse for barley, one of the foundations of beer. Founded by chef Thorsten Schmidt and located in the former premises of noma on Chris-tianshavn’s waterfront, this venue offers new takes on the region’s cold-country cooking and classic dishes like Danish frikadeller (meatballs). Local distilleries also give their contributions to the menu with e.g. the Barr beer made in collaboration with Amager Bryghus.
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The Bridge Street Kitchen
At the Greenlandic Trade Square, just across Inderhavsbroen (the bridge) by scenic Nyhavn, lies The Bridge Street Kitchen initiated by Street Food District and restaurant noma - and a perfect place to taste world-class street food with an organic focus from popular local food venues including California Kitchen, GRØD, Gasoline Grill, Pizza Bro, Kejser Sau-sage, Dhaba, Haddock’s, Palægade, Will at the Bridge, MAC-CIK by IBU, and Barabba.
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At Bæst, which literally means "beast", ambitions of creating an authentic Italian restaurant are set aside to create a unique Italian-style Copenhagen restaurant, where great Italian produce, such as extra virgin olive oil and sun-ripened tomatoes, co-star along with the best local produce sourced from talented organic farmers in Denmark. The venue is founded by Christian Puglisi, former sous chef at noma, and includes a next door dairy producing mozzarella cheese for what is said to be one of the best pizza’s in the world. 
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Fiskebaren is all about fresh, healthy, and delicious fish and seafood and good wines. The venue has a Bib Gourmand in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2019 and comes with traces of the old meat halls, due to its location in Copenhagen’s hip meatpacking district. Eat at the bar, relax in the sofas, or dine at the tables or, weather permitting, eat outside. Anders Selmer, former restaurant manager and sommelier at noma and founder/co-owner of Fiskebaren, has created a noteworthy wine list and excellent drinks menu to go.
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Hart Bakery
While pushing the norm of what a Danish pastry is, Hart Bakery has become famous for its mouthwatering pastries by Richard Hart, a former baker at noma. Immediately after open-ing its doors on one of Frederiksberg’s main streets, Hart became synonymous with long lines on Saturday mornings and otherworldly delicious baked goods and soft, fresh loafs of bread. In a city crazy with fresh-baked bread and pastries, believe the hype and head straight to one of the most coveted bakeries in Copenhagen, if not all of Denmark.

Hija de Sanchez Torvehallerne
Rosio Sanchez former head of pastry at noma; head chef and owner of Hija de Sanchez makes top class tacos and has been ranked Europe's best street food at her taco street stall placed at Torvehallerne. Rosio’s tacos come with the best meat and quality local in-gredients and everything is made from scratch. In 2018, a panel of 73 food experts, put together by the EasyJet Traveller magazine, went on a mission to find the best street food Europe has to offer and named Hija de Sanchez the winner. A sister taco joint is found in the city’s hip Meatpacking District, as is the Restaurant Sanchez in nearby Istedgade, while the latest Sanchez addition is found in new local hood Nordhavn; Hija de Sanchez Cantina.

In 2018, Australian chef Beau Clugston opened his restaurant Iluka in downtown Copenhagen. He brings along many years of experience from the international restaurant scene, working with the likes of Gordon Ramsay in London, and René Redzepi at noma. Iluka means “near the sea” and focuses on all the ocean has to offer without too many disturb-ing details. An almost minimalistic take on seafood allows fish and shellfish to be the abso-lute stars with beautiful fresh dishes and fish from some of the best suppliers in the world.  

Enjoy a meal at the restaurant or order their takeaway option ILUKA AT HOME, and check out Iluka’s unique instagram account with instructions and knowledge on the food served.
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Juno the bakery
One of the most hyped bakeries in town, Juno the Bakery is known for its cardemon rolls and cripsy sourdough bread sold in one of Østerbro’s cozy residential streets. The bakery was created by the Swede Emil Glaser, a former noma chef, and his girlfriend Nina Schmie-gelow and is one of the most hyped bakeries in town, with constant long queues outside its premises in Århusgade and locals looking at the hard-working bakers through the window.

Mirabelle is a hip neighbourhood hang-out for dedicated coffee drinkers and where the locals pick up their freshly baked bread, signature croissants and Mirabelle’s ‘Ital-ian Smørrebrød’; a Roman pizza/focaccia/open-faced sandwich kind-of hybrid. The bak-ery is connected to Bæst, also owned by noma alumi Christian Puglisi and comes with a cheese factory on the top floor. Its head baker, Carol Choi, also makes Bæst’s praised pizza dough.
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Restaurant Radio, situated next to the beautiful old Broadcasting House and the city Lakes, serves organic and Nordic food created by among others Jesper Kirketerp, a former sous chef of noma, and one of the founding fathers of the New Nordic Cuisine, Claus Meyer

The venue sources its vegetables just outside Copenhagen from organically cultivated fields offering over 80 different crops, its fruit from the island of Lilleø, some meat from hunters on nearby Lolland, and fish are caught by local fishermen. For a fine taste of the Nordic cuisine, Radio is therefore a restaurant beyond the usual and reservation required. 
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From aperitif to after dinner, RUDO is a vermouth bar with an intimate and relaxed atmos-phere located right above Bæst, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Like Bæst, RUDO is founded by former sous chef at noma Christian Puglisi, and besides vermouth, it serves cocktails, offers a very in-depth wine list, and snacks from charcuterie to truffle toast, ac-companied by great tunes in the city’s hip Nørrebro hood.
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Located on the Vesterbro street Istedgade, Sanchez’ menu is constantly changing. Tasty cocktails, Mexican craft beers, non-alcoholic aguas frescas, and natural wines are crea-tred by the chef behind it all, former desert chef at noma, Rosio Sanchez. In 2015, she opened a taco shop Hija de Sanchez in Torvehallerne. In 2017, Restaurant Sanchez fol-lowed with Hija de Sanchez Cantina in Nordhavn being the very latest shoot off the trunk.
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Dragsholm Castle Gourmet
West of Copenhagen meanwhile, Dragsholm Slot Gourmet belongs to Scandinavia's gas-tronomic elite. Since 2017, the gourmet restaurant has held on to a Michelin star and in 2018, the castle became a member of Relais & Châteaux too. Fast-forward to 2021, and former Bocuse d’Or winner Jeppe Foldager is taking over the venue’s kitchen pots and menu choices. Plans are to continue to focus on 'nature conscious' cooking and seasonal vegetables and herbs from the resourceful forests, fields, and beaches in the area of ‘Lammefjorden’, albeit Foldager style. Departing chef, and past noma sous-chef, Claus Henriksen is to be associated with the castle’s food lab and new farm shop.
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