Take your Meeting Legacies to a Whole New Level

Learn about the MeetDenmark Outreach Study and how Denmark is working to take your meeting legacies to a whole new level

The MeetDenmark Outreach Study

During 2018 MeetDenmark, together with international consultancy, Gaining Edge, conducted a major project on outreach. The purpose of the project was to identify how Danish destinations can create significant added value for the international associations coming to Denmark.

The MeetDenmark Legacy Project (2019-2021)

MeetDenmark wants to further strengthen the positive impacts of congresses for both the international associations and the local host communities by creating a broader and deeper interaction between the visiting congress delegates and local stakeholders.

How Denmark is Working to Take your Meeting Legacies to a Whole New Level

The Danish destinations and MeetDenmark are available for dialogue and advice regarding opportunities for - and benefits of - outreach in Denmark.