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Legacy inspiration and tools

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Great meeting outcomes and legacies does not happen by chance. MeetDenmark has developed a number of strategic tools that can support and enhance the legacy building process. Learn more about the tools and get inspired.

The tools that the Danish destinations use in their legacy-process include a range of ‘posters’ that can be used to facilitate discussions on legacy potential, vision, focus areas and activities. During this process inspirational cards can be used for developing concrete outreach activities. 

The Danish tools are continuously developed and new tools are created as we gain new insight. Some of the tools will be published here. You can see examples of the new posters and one of the many inspiration cards below.

If you want to know more about the tools or how to enhance the legacy and long term impacts of your congress, you are very welcome to contact MeetDenmark or one of our four member destinations. 

The MeetDenmark legacy work has been supported by The Danish Board of Business Development.