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Use sustainable venues and accommodation!

Why is it important?

The direct day-to-day operations of buildings (e.g. energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) account for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions according to Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction 2018 Status Report. Besides, venues and hotels are often major procurers of products and services and can through their partnering and procurement policies create social, economic and environmental benefits for both local business and sustainable supply chains. Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do the venue and accommodation have sustainability policies e.g. for sustainable procurement, waste, energy consumption etc?
  • Do the venue and accommodation have policies to ensure social, economic and environmental benefits for local businesses?
  • Do the venue and accommodation have effective labour market agreements?
  • Do the venue and accommodation have a holistic approach to sustainability? This could be initiatives that for instance support the Sustainable Development Goals or a local community program?

How high are your ambitions?

To support your efforts in working with the venue and accommodation, we have put together a list of key actions to take. Consider these a starting point. A guide, and not a final checklist. It is meant to get you going in building your own list of actions and in exploring if and how this will help you achieve your established sustainability ambition for your event.

In case your favourite venue cannot support your ambitions for your sustainable event, we hope you will take on the opportunity to challenge the suppliers by asking them to commit to a sustainable initiative. Whether it being a local food-waste program, a no-single use plastic policy, an ambitious energy policy etc. Making a more sustainable future across the entire value chain takes encouragement and suggestions that can help stimulate a change in the meeting and event industry.

Working with your Copenhagen venues

Many of the venues and hotels in Copenhagen are Green Key certified, and several have an ambitious engagement within sustainability. That means great access to both bigger venues and smaller meetings facilities that can deliver on and support your sustainability goals and requirements. In fact: 

  • 91% of the larger congress facilities in Copenhagen hold a 3rd party eco-certification.
  • Nearly 70% of the hotel rooms in the city are eco-certified why sleeping with a green conscious in Copenhagen is no challenge. 
  • All hotels and venues in Copenhagen are easily accessible and located nearby public transport options. That includes a well-connected metro system with four running lines across the city, making it easy and fast to go from A to B.
  • You can easily search for sustainable venues and hotels by visiting the Copenhagen Meetingplanner Guide.

Sustainable venues & accommodation

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