10 reasons why your next event should be in Copenhagen

Photo: Lina Ahnoff

Host your next event in Copenhagen, make sustainability the core, and amplify your impact by engaging with the Copenhageners.

We are eager to learn and to change. 

1. Copenhagen venues and hotels can support your efforts in reducing your footprint. Most of the larger venues and hotels in Copenhagen have a 3rd party eco-certification.

2. Copenhagen is a city of clean water. You can swim in the harbour and drink from the tap.

3. Tired of single-use plastic? So are we - we have banned it from 2021. No need for bottled water.

4. Worried about the carbon footprint of food? Copenhagen is the epicentre of the Nordic food scene with chefs ready to deliver world-class local, organic and sustainable cuisine for your event.

5. Copenhagen just finished the build-out of the Metro Ring that connects all parts of the city with a direct 12 min. ride to the airport.

6. Copenhagen has won the title as world’s most bikeable and walkable city several times - making sure your guest can move around the city in a healthy, easy and sustainable way.

7. Open-minded people with a strong acceptance of diversity makes the city safe for all types of visitors.

8. Want to get off the beaten track? Copenhagen has a variety of accommodation at all price levels both in and around Copenhagen.

9. Will your participants get to enjoy and engage in local culture? Copenhagen has won the title as most liveable and swimmable city in the world.

10. Social sustainability and fair working conditions? We are one of the fairest, most equal and safest cities in the world.

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Photo: Daniel Rasmussen