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Photo: Martin Heiberg

The city’s restaurant scene is among the world’s most distinct and innovative. Whether you are into bistros or Michelin-starred restaurants, you will find it in Copenhagen.


Restaurant Cofoco
The concept is simple. Cofoco is an acronym for Copenhagen Food Collective, and as these three words indicate, the goal from day one has been to point the guests in the right direction and help them find their way to a good meal. In addition, Cofoco wants their customers to feel like they are getting twice as much for half the price.
Restaurant Toldboden
Experience the authentic maritime and local vibe of Copenhagen harbour. The old rustic custom house,  Toldboden , is located in the centre of Copenhagen with a breathtaking view of the waterfront and The Opera House.
Letz Sushi
The kitchen philosophy is simple – Letz sushi is offering the best complete sushi experience using the best and purest ingredients by only using certified fish, organic rice and the best produce. In addition to this, perfection, creativity and passion is what makes this sushi something completely special.
Nørrebro Brewhouse
Nørrebro Brewhouse is the fairy tale of a small local brewery that grew strong. The kitchen is a dedicated beer kitchen drawing on inspirations from the classical Nordic cuisine, but the food is still miles away from your basic beer food.
Almanak at The Standard
Almanak serves traditional Danish food with a modern approach - open-faced sandwiches for lunch and upscale dining in a relaxed atmosphere in the evening - always following the seasons of Danish local produce. Situated on the groundfloor, the dining room is furnished with contemporary design, accompanied by a big terrace on the deck.
Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food
Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food  is the largest street food market in the Nordics. It’s a creative hub, driven by food entrepreneurs and creative fireballs. In the 1960s, the venue on Refshaleøen was home to Burmeister and Wain, Denmark’s largest shipyard and ships were built here until 1996.
Cock’s & Cows
Cock’s and Cows applause creativity! So why not have your own private event, book a cocktail course, a build-your-own-burger night or learn how to cook in their Food Truck. Find Cock's and Cows at numerous locations in the city center.
Sticks n'Sushi
Sticks n'Sushi serves high-quality, fresh food based on a unique combination of traditional sushi and yakitori sticks from the grill. They have 14 venues in and around Copenhagen, each with their distinct atmosphere and design and can host everything from smaller, intimate dinners in private dining rooms, to funky rooftop cocktail parties in the centre of Copenhagen.
Gemyse is located in the heart of Tivoli.  At Gemyse, vegetables are no longer a sad, overcooked garnish but a star feature with plenty of taste and texture. From morning to evening you can enjoy precision-cooked vegetables – and the chefs are not afraid to use spices from culinary arts worldwide.
Fru Nimb
Fru Nimb is situated in the heart of beautiful Tivoli Gardens.  Fru Nimb is a classic Danish open-face sandwich restaurant, lavishly topped with love; a love of good ingredients and a love of good experiences. Wherever possible, they use local produce and always choose the best each season can offer with an authentic focus on organic fair.
Nimb Brasserie
Nimb Brasserie stands for unspoiled taste and relaxed quality. Rustic and intimate, with French classics where you will feel at ease. Enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner with a breathtaking view of Tivoli.
STUDIO at The Standard
STUD!O is a one-star Michelin restaurant with the vision of uniting passion and innovation. Looking directly at the water from the 1st floor you can sit back and let yourself be seduced by the nest Nordic cuisine with a touch of Damian Quintana’s South American roots.
Mission at The Standard
Mission is a brand new concept at The Standard opened the summer of 2018. A modern casual restaurant.  Guests can enjoy a pitcher of cocktails both classic and quirky on the city’s best terrace along the waterfront or stay for an extended evening of inventive cuisine, with self-styled Californian and Mediterranean cuisine
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