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Meetings & Incentives in Copenhagen Countryside

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Danish wine, Viking ships and one of the darkest spots in Denmark with an amazing view of the night sky,  is just some of the few things that Copenhagen Countryside can offer for your next meeting. 

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Throughout the area there are spectacular nature experiences and interesting businesses that could be open for an exciting business visit. A meeting can easily be supplemented with experiences that make it completely unique and adapted to the geographical location. Here we have included just a few examples from the range of possibilities the area has to offer.

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Meet the Vikings

Copenhagen Countryside has many stories to tell about the Vikings. Here you will find the renowned Vikingship museum or Harold Blåtand's gigantic circular fortress from around 900 which is the most well-preserved fort of its kind, called Trelleborg. Or you can have you own Viking inspired celebration or enjoy one of the many Viking festivals taking place throughout the year.

Vestsjælland Røsnæs

Photo:Dyrehøj Vingaard

Danish Wine District

In Copenhagen Countryside you can find the biggest wine district in Denmark called Røsnæs. Here you will find no less than 4 vineyards and even three more nearby in Odsherred. The sight is spectacular with the long straight rows of vines finely tied up, cared for and cropped. This is not 'hobby-wine farming' or a passing idea. The wineries are serious, well-run businesses that exoticize the landscape and bring life to the slopes.

Dyrehøj Vingaard offer exciting tours in the vineyard, visits to the winery and wine tastings. Zachary Brierly, the winemaker, has a master’s in Wine Science from Auckland University in New Zealand and can give lectures or teach all about field management of vineyards and vinification. The classes take place mainly in the vineyard, but can be combined with a lesson in the company or as part of another program. Each teaching session is individually arranged and adjusted according to need and level.


Photo:Ole Malling

One of the darkest places in Denmark

See the moon, the stars or even the Milkyway

At the top of the protected Brorfelde Observatory Hill you can experience the night from its darkest side - literally. The area was protected in 2013 on the initiative of the Danish Nature Conservation Association.

When darkness falls on the Danish cities, streetlamps and signs light up and you can see only a few stars. But out in nature and especially on the Brorfelde Observatory hill, it is something completely different. Here the moon and stars are clearly emerging in the darkness of night. And if you are lucky, both the Milky Way and Mars can be spotted with the naked eye.

Color Grade

Photo:Copenhagen Countryside

The glacial landscape is highly unique

Geopark Odsherred, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, is a very unique glacial landscape, which geological conditions have a crucial cultural-historical significance for, for example, the art life in Odsherred and not least for the region's food production, where a man-made change of the landscape has also created a solid foundation for growing vegetables.

Røsnæs in Kalundborg is also worth a visit, in order to see breathtaking scenery.  The hills of the Røsnæs peninsula are pushed up by a glacier tongue that moved up through the Great Belt during the ice age.

The beach on the north side of Røsnæs is an Eldorado for stone collectors, and the layers of the coastal cliff tell how the ice has pushed around with things. This also applies to 40-50 million year old layers of red and green clay found in the cliffs.

You can´t miss either, the National Park Skjoldungernes Land, that stretches over Roskilde and Lejre. Here people have lived since the dawn of time and left traces. And it's not that strange. The National Park's 170 square kilometers contain unique scenery, cultural history and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Denmark. Visit, for example, Roskilde Fjord with beach meadows, coastal slopes, islands, islets and a unique bird life - or disappear into the large mid-Sealand forests with hiking trails and camp sites.


Photo:Dragsholm Castle

Danish crafts

There are plenty of exclusive small craft places around Copenhagen Countryside. Apart from meeting the local talented and enthusiastic artists, you are able to get some very unique pieces of art made from tree, ceramics, glass or a whole other material. The places are hidden gems and to complete the experience we suggest that you drive from one to the other in an old but fully functional veteran bus from Danmarks Busmuseum. This will be an experience hard to forget.

If you want to have hands on and make you own art, then you can try a craft workshop for example in Kleos Keramik in Holbæk and in Bruuns Hjørne in Skælskør.

Viking ship from Roskilde

Photo:Martin Heiberg

Boat ride

Water is always very present in Copenhagen Countryside, with all the lakes and coast that offer plenty of activities. You can for example look at the Great Belt bridge from the seaside with Skjelskør V. Enjoy the view of Skælskør's old beautiful half-timbered houses and the rich nature life, while the charming tour boat Skjelskør V glides quietly through Skælskør Innerfjord. Meanwhile you can enjoy a glass of champagne or a nice dinner on board. Other interesting boat rides are the Viking ships; the Sagafjord in Roskilde, Lille Claus in Sorø and Marianne F in Nykøbing.

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