Frederiksborg Castle

Meetings & Incentives in North Sealand

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

It is no coincidence that North Sealand was once the preferred playground for Danish royalty. The ceilings are high here, and there is plenty of space to thing big! There is atmosphere, castles, monasteries and a diversity of nature to appeal to every taste.

Unique Meetings in Royal North Sealand is an association of non-traditional meeting places working together to offer you the best possible meeting experience. The strength of our network is the variety of the services, we provide. Due to our close corporation, we are able to offer you historic, modern and unique experiences in one and the same package, and we are happy to help creating this package.


We are closer than you think

North Sealand is actually only about an hour drive from Copenhagen Airport, and if you wish, we can arrange that your transfer becomes part of your experience. For example, you can sail from Copenhagen to Elsinore, or experience North Sealand while covering that same distance in a vintage train – you can even charter your own helicopter and land it next to one of the castles or on The Danish Riviera.

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What to see in North Sealand?

To meet or not to meet?

That is the question, when meeting in Elsinore, Home of Hamlet. Not only can we offer you to hold your meeting, banquet or wedding at one of the most beautiful and famous castles in Denmark, you can also include either a performance of Hamlet, enjoy “Hamlet Live” or a visit to the world famous “Shakespeare Festival”, as one of our unique venues is Kronborg, the very castle Shakespeare chose for the play Hamlet.

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Polo – the sport of gentlemen!

Copenhagen Polo Club is based in North Sealand, and we are happy to introduce to you a very special kind of teambuilding. Whether you are a small or a large group, whether you have never been on a horse before or you are an experienced rider and whether you want to go to The Polo Club or have them bring horses to your chosen venue, it can be arranged. And trust us – polo is so much fun as an icebreaker

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Hundested - from industrial economy to experience economy!

This is like a fairytale come through, but if not in the country of H.C. Andersen, then where? For many years the harbour of Hundested was a very sad place. All the fishermen had gone, the factories were shot down, and it looked like the saddest place on The Danish Riviera. But then something happened. We name it “New Local Economy”, because slowly with one small local business at a time, often very skilled craftsmen, the whole harbor transformed into one of the most exiting places to stop on The Riviera. This is both localhood and a very exiting local development story, and now many of the shops actually export their products all over the world.

If it is not for you, to hold your meeting or conference at one of our famous cultural sites, you do have a lot of options to spice up your meeting. Actually, our venue Konventum is so decorated with fine art that it holds the biggest private art collection in Denmark, and they do arrange guided art tours, if you book your meeting there.

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The world of spa and wellness

Wellness for body and soul is always needed after long meeting hours, and in North Sealand we have a variety of options. From the newest and probably coolest spa in Denmark, to the small silent retreat, where you can enjoy yoga retreats or classes facing the beautiful beach, where you might even be lucky to see a seal posing with you.

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Knowledge & Inspiration

North Seland is known for many things – the Danish Riviera, is varied scenery, wonderful restaurants as well as royal traditions and castles. But furthermore, the North Sealand region is the home of thriving, innovative business communities. Many companies here have both local and global reach, and they are more than happy to share knowledge and inspiration, which means you can be inspired and provided  with valuable knowledge for your own profession and business from a local North Sealand company.

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We are convinced that common settings breed traditional thought, whereas a change of scenery can free the mind to think new thoughts. Hence the unique venues.

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