Introducing Copenhagen

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Lonely Planet chose Copenhagen as #1 city in the world to visit in 2019. Although we may be a bit biased, we can see why.

How to get here!

12 minutes. That’s how long it takes your delegates to go from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre. And we feel the need to mention that Copenhagen Airport covers more than 190 international destinations – besides being rated one of the best airports in the world. And once you have arrived, everything else is just a hop, skip, or a jump away!

As a true pocket-sized metropolis, Copenhagen is packed with hotels, venues, buzzing and trendy neighbourhoods, green parks, inner city canals and a wealth of activities which are all within walking distance of each other. Wander the cobbled streets of the city surrounded by beautiful colourful houses, while encountering the local Copenhageners in the city’s relaxed atmosphere.

Easy and efficient transportation

With non-stop flights from more than 190 international destinations, Copenhagen Airport is easy to access from every continent and all major European ...

Getting around in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is easily accesible. Choose from Copenhagen’s extensive public transportation options that easily link the whole city to venues, hotels and...

Everything is closer in Copenhagen

Whether you are in search of the perfect venue or hotel, interested in design and architecture or keen to try some of the world’s best restaurants, re...

Transportation providers

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Hygge: The Danish art of cosiness

Let us introduce you to the concept of ‘hygge’. Pronounced [hoo-gah] and translates roughly into cosiness – and that’s exactly what the Danish lifestyle is all about. Copenhageners are known for their relaxed life-style and easy-going attitude – so you’re always close to experiencing ‘hygge’ in Copenhagen. See for yourself!

Closer than you think

So in Copenhagen, everything really is close. Just as easy as it is to navigate in the city center, within a 2 hour drive you can reach attractions such as Kronborg Castle, the home of Hamlet. Or go visit the home of Hans Christian Andersen, the father of fairy tales. Even the historical city of Roskilde where you can conquer the sea like marauding Vikings is close by.

Tickle your tastebuds

With 23 Michelin stars across 16 restaurants, Copenhagen is the perfect place to get closer to world-class cuisine. Copenhagen – also home to the New Nordic Cuisine, has earned quite a reputation as a culinary hotspot. And here’s why! A constant evolving restaurant scene that caters to all tastes and budgets, several gourmet restaurants, high quality street food markets, tempting food halls and even gourmet bakeries. Let’s face it – Copenhagen will blow your taste buds away.

One thing you have to try, is the famous smoerrebroed. The oh-so-difficult-to-pronounce, but delicious open-faced sandwiches, is the Danish lunch you don’t want to miss out on!

The best smørrebrød in town!

Get a truly unique food experience! The traditional Danish open sandwich, or ‘smoerrebroed’, is on everyone's lips these days. Invariably based on rye bread, ‘smoerrebroed’ can have an almost limitless number of different toppings, from herring, to raw beef, seafood and egg. In the city, y...

Restaurants & dinner venues

The city’s restaurant scene is among the world’s most distinct and innovative. Whether you are into bistros or Michelin-starred restaurants, you will find it in Copenhagen.

Bars in Copenhagen

Search for local bars, historic breweries or fancy cocktail bars for your next social event, cocktail reception or beer tasting after hours.