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Nordic Blockchain Conference - Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Q&A: Nordic Blockchain Association

Photo: Copenhagen Convention Bureau

Copenhagen Legacy Lab has worked closely with the Nordic Blockchain Association ahead of the conference in Copenhagen. The work with legacy has focused on developing the ecosystem of blockchain.

The Nordic Blockchain Conference (NBC) in Copenhagen is the first of its kind, uniting the largest web3 network in the Nordics with the global community.

From the planning stages through to execution, legacy has been key to the association which has worked closely with Copenhagen Legacy Lab to lay the right foundations for long-term legacy.

We have spoken with the CEO of Nordic Blockchain Association, Jakob Mikkel Hansen, about the upcoming conference and the legacy process.


Q: What are your visions and what are you hoping to achieve as an industry?

“The Nordic Blockchain Association envisions a future where blockchain is the driving force for sustainability, learning, and democracy in the technology sector. We want to build a more transparent, inclusive future where blockchain is a trusted, equitable, and transformative tool that benefits society and the environment.

The mission of the Nordic Blockchain Association is to drive the responsible and sustainable growth of blockchain technology. Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we aim to advance the development of supportive legislation, infrastructure, and a vibrant ecosystem that empowers and harnesses the full potential of blockchain in the Nordics through responsible use cases.”


Q: Why did you decide to organise and host this conference and what are the benefits?

“The decision to organise and host this conference stems from a need to navigate an evolving digital landscape. It is important to address challenges and opportunities in our industry and ensure that we are well-placed to adapt to and anticipate future trends. We also believe that hosting this conference can help shape a vision for the future of our businesses in Denmark.

Finally, we wanted to create a space where knowledge, collaboration, and innovation converge by bringing together key stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators in the field of Web3 technology. By facilitating meaningful interactions and discussions, we aim to contribute to the advancement of Web3 technologies and their positive impact on society as a whole. As an industry organisation this is part of our mission and responsibility.

Hosting an international congress offers a range of benefits due to its potential to gather diverse expertise and insights in one forum. The potential of hosting an international congress lies in its ability to create a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation on a global scale. The benefits reaped from such an event can influence industries, advance research, and contribute to positive societal and economic outcomes - and of course sustain the organisational vision.

Nordic Blockchain Conference - Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Photo:Copenhagen Convention Bureau

Q: What are the challenges that your industry faces?

“In the context of the Web3 industry, which encompasses decentralised technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralised applications (dApps), there are several challenges that stakeholders may encounter. These can be related to scalability, ecosystem support, regulatory uncertainty, and energy efficiency. Security, privacy, and data protection and the cultural shift from Web2 to Web3 also present significant challenges.”


Q: Why did you choose to involve Copenhagen Legacy Lab?

“We decided to involve Copenhagen Legacy Lab because it offers expertise and resources that we can learn from and be supported by.”


Q: How can Copenhagen Convention Bureau and Copenhagen Legacy Lab support your efforts to establish the association and the expansion and promotion of the ecosystem?

“Copenhagen Convention Bureau and Copenhagen Legacy Lab can provide a comprehensive range of support, which can significantly contribute to the successful establishment and growth of the association and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Their support includes strategic sparring, networking opportunities, partnerships, innovation, and local expertise. Copenhagen Legacy Lab workshops helped us identify three focus areas that can support the scale of our ecosystem. These three areas are: communications focusing on responsible use cases, advocacy for more seamless legislation, and funding to support not only our own association but blockchain solutions in general.“


Q: How will you measure the progression of your efforts in building up an association through the support of Copenhagen Legacy Lab?

“We will measure the progression of our efforts in various ways. We will look at the number of new members as well as the number of total members, just as we will measure the impact of the three focus areas that we have identified. This could be new funding, legislation, or more content and communications on responsible use cases.

All these impact activities should also benefit the growth of our event platform which hopefully will grow into the biggest global event for blockhchain exposing the Nordics.”



Gerda Marie Rist GMR

Lead of Copenhagen Legacy Lab


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